DIY: How To Transform Your Blazer To a Vest (plus giveaway winner announcement)

Hi guys!

Guess who still has good vibes this month? I think this one of my happiest months this year.

So today's DIY is very basic.

Too basic to me but... I find it difficult to shoot DIYs while I'm in school but that's about to change though. So how about a compromise? During school session, more style posts, less DIYs and vice versa?

I had actually done this a while back but thought it was way too simple but then a reader said it wasn't (on Instagram) and since I had not shot my planned DIY... Here we are.

When I get tired of my clothes, I just switch them up by doing little things that add a different flair. Oh and just in case you were wondering what to do with all your unworn clothes, read this post.

You will need:

-Needle and thread
-A blazer/jacket

This DIY is basically two steps (over use of the word "basic", I know.)

All you have to do is cut and tack. Just cut the arm hole, leaving enough space for allowance (like the one above) and then tack it in using your needle and thread. The difficulty level depends on the fabric. Do not edit (for lack of a better word) the arm hole in any way- you might ruin the jacket.

Aaaaannnnd c'est fini!

Quick question guys, is it still considered a vest even though it has lapels? Fashion terms are so confusing. Since we're on the matter, I did a guest post on Wumi Tuase's blog, TANG, on fashion terms and how to pronounce some tricky terms. You can read it here.

New clothing article yo! I need to wear this in a style post. Also,I miss my red hair *sniffs*

Check out how I style the transformed vest here

So guys! That's it!

What do you think of basic DIYs? More?  Do you prefer the "before" or "after" look? Leave a comment I'd love to hear from you!

Ha ha. Got you! The lucky winner of the giveaway I did in collaboration with 7th Avenue is...

Congratulations @thesandrauche, we'll be contacting you.

By the way, to get a free September issue plus free shipping of FASHIZBLACK magazine, an Afro fashion and lifestyle magazine, click here.

Lastly, if you subscribed to my blog but still haven't received any updates, I've been having issues with my email service preovider for a while now. I had tried several ways to fix it and considered using my personal mail to send updates but that just wasn't working for me. I'll come up with something soon.

In the meantime, follow me on Pinterest, GFC (in the sidebar), Instagram, Bloglovin'Twitter and add me on snapchat (@the_unservile), to stay up to date.

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The Evolution of Mira La Belle: Two years of blogging (Plus a 7th Avenue giveaway to actually celebrate!)

Dear beloved readers,

I send my greetings to you late this evening, filled with a lot of nostaglia (and noodles) writing a post that I was so sure at some points through this journey I wasn't going to be able to write.

This is a story, my story, of my blogging journey.

You see, this blog was started on a late evening, August 18th 2014 to be precise, by yours truly. I was very nervous to be honest and had no idea what I was doing despite a lot of accumulated research. After creating said blog, I played around with my blog design a little bit (I have no screenshots, thank God!) and just left the blog to sit there.

I eventually wrote my plans and ideas down and decided to implement them.

Ladies and (hopefully) gentlemen, Prepare for a long post filled with pictures but I promise it might just be worth your while- there's a giveaway at the end. So please stay with me : )

A flurry of firsts...

So you know how this blog is about my personal style, DIY, photography & fashion tips? Yea, it wasn't always that way. This happened as a very gradual process.

- First Post:

My first post was a fashion article like the kind you'd find on bigger websites, nothing quite personal about it.

as seen in: How to Make Your Outfit Look More Sophisticated In One Simple Step.
I didn't even know what I was doing but I wrote in the way I'd expect magazines to write it. I continued writing posts like these for a while but eventually got tired of them. Here are my faves:

-Fashion Inspired by Betty Cooper of Archie Comics
-What To Wear: Casual hangout with family and friends

First Outfit post:

as seen in: Florals N' Plaid
 I don't even know what made me do the outfit post to be honest. I'd been seeing random personal blogs and the way they posted pictures of their outfits so I thought why not? One afternoon after church when I was feeling fine and sturvs, I told my cousin to take some pictures of me with my mum's phone and... here we are.

Other outfit posts:
-Lace, plaid and well-worn brogues
-White peplum top and olive maxi dress

First DIY:

as seen in: How to make a ribbon choker
I had been DIY'ing almost all my life without knowing the potential this held as a blog topic.

After going through some DIY blogs, I realized I had been missing out and immediately got to work. The problem was how to incorporate it? I'm still trying to.

Other DIYs:
-How to turn your skirt to a pair of shorts
-How to make a denim tote bag from an old pair of jeans

First Photography post:

as seen in: 5 photography lessons I've learnt so far 
My love for photography started some way, some how and I just had to share it. I knew my style of photography was unrelated but I couldn't hold it inside.

This love helped me in improving my blog greatly. Once the blog became more visually attractive, the more people were unlikely to dismiss it. True story.

However, my topics weren't matching anymore so I had to look for a way to make it blend. I started sharing photography tips instead.

Other photography posts:
-Twilight Delight
-How to take far better (blog) pictures with your phone.


-Getting my camera and figuring it out.
You see, my pictures used to look like this:

as seen in: Rocker chic with a twist

*covers face* *peeks through fingers*
Ok, it's better than I expected but can't be compared to this:

as seen in: Colour Play

This was my turning point.

My photographer friend took this picture as a favour and I knew there was no going back. I had to get my Camera. Saved up and got one but the struggle to figure it out was real but google came to my rescue (as usual) and I figured it out quite well.

Having my camera also meant I could use original photos for my blog.Yay! Bye bye to stock photos! I still use one or two though.

-Branching out:

Attending the Dee Mako's Bloggers brunch and the TBC blogger meet up really did it for me. I got to meet and connect with other bloggers for the first time ever. I started getting more comments and had blogger friends I could rant about my blogger problems to. The blogosphere was quite welcoming.

-Getting Featured:

I'd like to use this opportuntiy to thank everyone who featured me. I'm truly honored. Every single feature gets me so excited!
Some features:

College Oxygen, Sasha Frank, Look at her hair, Subomi Salami, not so Popkulture 

If you're still reading this, wow. *blows kisses* Let's get down to the giveaway!

In honour of the blogversary, I, in collaboration with 7th Avenue, will be giving away an outfit to a lucky winner. The outfit will be selected from the pictures below and will be custom made for the winner.

"7th Avenue is a clothing brand that specialises in creating beautiful pieces that are stylish, modern and cater for the diverse fashion needs of the African woman.

We recognise her as a working woman who is down-to-earth, chic, edgy, willing to take risks, minimalist whilst being very original. We see her drives, passions, likes, dislikes, fears and successes.

We work with colours, prints and textures that talk personality. We want our client to walk into a room and all eyes will set on her, positively of course. We want her personality to shine through.

At 7th Avenue, we make your dreams into dresses."

All you have to do is subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram, and follow @official7thavenue  then repost the outfit you want from the pictures above using the hashtags #official7thavenuegiveaway and #miralabellegiveaway. That's it!

Giveaway ends on Friday and is open to people in Lagos only (sorry guys).

So that's it people!

It's been an interesting process so far.

Leave a comment, tell me your evolution stories (could be about anything), I'd love to hear from you!

Oh and lastly, thanks for all the love!

With love, 
Your ever faithful blogger. 

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What We Wore: Street Style at The Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week With Seyi Adenowo

Hey guys!

Sorry for staying away for so long. Was planning on making this a #nsfdw2016 recap but last minute decided to go with a style post. Said post is in collaboration withSeyi Adenowo of NOWO.

Seyi and I have been best friends for ten years now. Quite scary when I think about it but we became friends in high school and most people thought we wouldn't last we're really very different. Just look at our personal style.

The journey was never smooth but I'm really glad we persevered. Since I'm not necessarily mushy, I'm sure she'll be shocked to read this.

I'm probably feeling mushy because guess who's blog turned 2 today? That's right people! This blog began on the 18th of August, 2014 after procrastinating for almost two years. I'll be putting up a full blog post about it soon, plus a giveaway!

The similar shoes were totally coincidental.

So the theme of our outfits?
Nope. Not pointy heels.

The theme was supposed to be all black. Seyi was all excited about having found a "black" outfit. And on the d-day, I found her wearing this printed romper which is NOT black. She's still not convinced though.

Random fact: I'm sort of a trouble maker.

Peep the tassel pendant from this DIY post? It was fairly easy to make and I love how it complements my flowy bohemian vibe. I'm wearing a top and skirt though, both long. Some how, it works.

Whilst all-black outfits are really fashionable, the real reason for this outfit is that I was an intern for the show (like I mentioned in this post). It was really fun *coughs* stressful *coughs* though. I got to work backstage and also met a lot of cool people. Met Iju of @njcworks again (she took the lovely pictures) among other people.

So this is what I wore minus the sunglasses and heels. Ha ha. It's amazing how shoes change an outfit.

What I wore to Day 2:

Seyi didn't attend so I went solo. Look at me looking all "interny" and busy.

So who noticed the anklet? *covers face* Seyi actually made it for me a while ago but I'd been using it as a bracelet. Just you know, trying new things. Not sure anklets are for me though.

Do you remember this top and the skirt above from my "All black everything" post?

Here's to may more years of Mira La Belle eh? Thanks for all the love. Not sure what the blogversary post is going to be about yet though.

Benefits of blogging? The evolution of Mira La Belle?

Leave a comment, help me decide, I'd love to hear from you!

Oh and don't forget to follow my blog on Pinterest, GFC (in the sidebar), Instagram, Bloglovin'Twitter and add me on snapchat (@the_unservile), let's connect!
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5 Actionable Tips To Help You Take Better Pictures with your Phone

Taking pictures with a phone camera could be a struggle especially if you think the pictures aren't going to turn out good, yes?

You see, the key word there is think. Mobile phone cameras have improved drastically in their technology and now it's up to us tap that potential. Just like photos taken with your DSLR camera, phone photography needs some tweaking to make it work.

I use both my camera and phone camera for my blog photos and Instagram (Follow me? :D ) but for this post, all pictures were taken with my Infinix Note 2 phone.

We'll go straight to it.

1. Moderate Lighting

My major problem with phone photography is that most of the pictures taken are either overexposed or too dark. The best lighting is moderate lighting.

Harsh lighting like direct sunlight could make the picture look washed out. I'd recommend using a shade in this case or fixing with edits (I covered this here).

This picture was taken under a shade. So it has all the brightness minus the washed-out look. I'd also advise taking pictures outdoors rather than indoors.

2. Get in close.

This is literally my favourite part of phone photography- you can capture amazing details with your phone when you get up close. And the blurred background look (shallow depth of field) that people love about cameras? You could get that with your phone when you get in close.

This was my "touch" of red on Valentine's Day. 
I especially use this advantage to take pictures of jewellery.

3. Good composition

Like I stated in the last photography post, good compostion is key.

Composition basically means how you arrange subject(s) in your picture frame. There should some kind of symmetry that makes your picture easy on the eyes.

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought that something was just wrong with the way it was taken? The photo's composition was probably off. The rule of thirds (putting the subject in 1/3 of the picture as opposed to dead centre) is probably a good place to start with composition.

I personally use gridlines on my phone as a guide when my pictures look slightly off.

There's a symmetry to this picture. Notice how the cup is near dead centre and the flowers follow the rule of thirds?

Our eyes see things in patterns & lines and arranging things makes them more pleasing to the eyes.

You should also make exceptions and explore of course. Phototgraphy is an art afterall.

4. Focus

You could easily focus on your chosen subject by clicking on it (on a touch screen phone). Most phones auto-focus but I prefer focusing manually because I know far better than the phone what exactly it is I want to focus on, yes?

Whilst taking this picture, the auto-focus was actually on the background and not the flowers in my hand. Also, look how getting in close made this picture eh?

This picture shows how focusing is really important. This room was actually moderately lit (a little dark though) but I achieved this look by focusing on the sky outside and voila!

Silhouette picture!

5. Don't underestimate Post-production

5. Don't underestimate Post-production

Can you just take a moment to compare the before and after versions of the picture above? Looks like two different cameras entirely!

The truth is this: Phone photography is all about editing. The tips above are just tips for taking good pictures. We covered them first because to edit a picture to glamour, you need a good picture in the first place to work with.

For a detailed step-by-step guide to fix a bad photo with basic edits, read this post.


The number one benefit of phone photography is spontaneity. Inspiration could hit at any point and the hassel of pulling out a camera compared to whipping out your phone is very stressful.

You know, every moment only lasts in that moment so time is seriously of the essence. Your phone camera will help you save time, capture moments and armed with these tips, you'll get quality, diverse pictures.

And to the budding blogger or photographer who feels angry at having to settle with a phone camera, make it work.

When life gives you lemons...

Got any corrections, tips or questions? Did you find this post helpful?

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

P.S: I'm so sorry for replying comments late lately.

P.P.S: Would you like me to feature photographers on the blog sharing their work and tips? Let me know in the comments.

P.P.P.S: Shout out to Collins for suggesting this post. I love reader requests. (Last P.S I promise).

Don't forget to follow my blog on Pinterest, GFC (in the sidebar), Instagram, Bloglovin'Twitter and add me on snapchat (@the_unservile), let's connect!

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What I Wore: Urban Vibes

Hello people!

Feels like forever since a (personal) outfit post, yes?

So I've noticed that as trap music continues to reign, there has been a significant increase in urban outfits and fashion.

So guess who decided to jump on the trend? Yours truly?
Nah. Not really.

I've had a serious thing for hats for a while (as you'll see here and here) because:

a. Effective bad hair day (or week) solution
b. Adds funk to an otherwise drab outfit
c. Tilts an outfit to almost any style the hat represents. Like so:

Do you remember this dress from this post? I just wore the grey t-shirt on the dress. Threw the shoes in (how cute are they though? Got them at a frugal price I can't remember) put on this beautiful hat (cap?) and voila! Urban *pause* ish.

Little to no accessories because *shrugs*. I'm just not into accessories as much these days. Except glasses though. Love them.

You could get the hat via Instagram here  . Do you love the hat? Jesus is the Message.

Because dresses with pockets make me happy ❤

So people! Follow my blog on Pinterest, GFC (in the sidebar), Instagram, Bloglovin', Twitter and add me on snapchat (@the_unservile), let's connect!

Oof. That was a long one. I'm one of those people that feel like social media is like an alternate universe.

What accessories do you think are urban inspired? 

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Life Adventures: In July

Happy New Month people!

It's August already? How exactly did that happen? 

If there's one thing I've learnt this year, it's that time flies whether you're having fun or not.

In July, I remember constantly asking and wondering why I felt like life was becoming a blur of events. One second in July, I was being wished "Happy New Month" and then suddenly, here I am in the wee hours of an August morning, writing a recap post of said month.

July was good to me.

Firstly, there was no depression-like tired trance like in June or May. Whoop whoop! That may have some thing to do with my plans. Remember the plans I talked about changing over and over in the last monthly recap post? Everything's finally sorted out.

Secondly, I did one of the things I promised myself I'd do this year- attend fashion shows. Three shows to be precise. I already attended African Fashion Week Nigeria (which I blogged about here) and I'll be interning at the Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week happening on the 12th of August. I plan to attend Lagos Fashion and Design Week too.

Thirdly, I met new amazing people. That's one of the things I love about blogging. It broadens your scope of people and things and brings opportunities you never thought you'd have. And of course, you guys.

I appreciate every single comment, follow, like, subscription, every single read. It means a lot.

I guess I'm just feeling particularly thankful. Why?

*Drum roll*

Mira La Belle will be two this Month. On the 18th to be precise. That's two years of the blogging journey for me and 2 years of love from you guys. There will be a giveaway so stay tuned!

August promises to be good. I know it might be soon soon to tell after 4 days but I have a good feeling.

On to other things, my music Jam in July was Raury's album All we need. I quite like the album. He might be a bit too hippie-ish for my taste but I like his music. It's... different.

For books, was still on Wattpad but this month, I'm probably going to be finally reading Lord of the rings. Let's see what all the fuss is about.

Oh and who'll be attending the Blogger Point's Bloggers Brunch? I will most definitely be!
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DIY: How To Turn an Old Belt Into a Studded Bracelet

Once upon a time, before my ardent love for rings began, I was a bracelet girl. I loved bracelets and bought a lot of them. Sad to say, today, that love has waned a bit but my love for creating them still remains.

Today's DIY came to me when I realized I wasn't really a fan of skinny belts anymore. I wanted to make it a choker but since the ribbon choker made from key chain, I decided on some variety. Plus, this is our first bracelet DIY people!

You will need:
-A belt ( Iwent for a skinny one).

-Scissors (to cut belt to appropriate bracelet length).

-Studs (I got mine from another old belt).


-Sharp object to poke a hole (I used a needle).

Step 1

Measure a bracelet you own which has a length you're comfortable with then cut to desired length.

Mine gave off the three-bracelet illusion.

Step 2

Note the points at which you'll want your buckle holes to be as well as your studs. I went with three studs so didn't need so many holes.

Step 3
Poke the holes making them big enough for the studs and buckle to pass through. Put the studs in then...


You could put the studs through out length of the belt if you want. Or wear it as the intended DIY a la choker.

What type of belt would you use for this DIY?

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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