DIY | How To Make a Ribbon Circle Choker From a Key Chain (Plus three other ways it can be worn!)

So you remember how I said I'd be doing more choker DIY's? This is my follow-up.

To be honest, I don't know how I came up with this idea. I think it's because I've always loved circle pendants. Finding circle pendants aren't easy though so I thought... "Key chain? Why not?"

They're very easily accessible and come in various sizes. Would have loved to use a black ribbon but if I kept waiting till I found one, this DIY wouldn't even exist.

Cost: Next to nothing (as always). Grab a key chain and let's do this!

Time taken: Less than five minutes including glue drying time.

You will need:


-Key chain (ring? *shrugs*)



All set?

Step 1:

Cut two even ribbons. I went for 10". It all depends on how long or big you want your bow to be.

Step 2:

Apply glue then fold the ends of each ribbon over. This is just to prevent fraying.

Step 3:

Wrap the ribbon around the key chain then apply some glue. Do this for both ribbons.

Done! Easy peasy as always eh?

Now! On to other ways to style the choker... You could also wear it as a headband, bracelet or arm cuff.

Pin this pretty please! 

Finally, some important news...

I'm starting a DIY community up on here. Can I get a Whoop whoop!!!

Here's how it works....

1. You do any one of my DIY's. You could put your own unique twist and stuff.

2. Take a very crisp, clear photo of the finished product. You could also take pictures of the process if you want to but please, no collages. If you want a collage, I'll make one for you. You could also add notes on your DIY if you want to.

3. Send me an email ( with your name, the required stuff above and your blog web address (if you have one). If the email is inconvenient, you tcould try to reach out on social media channels but I could miss your message so via email is definitely the best route.

I'll be posting the first "Crafty Readers | MLB inspired DIYs" at the end of May. The success of this series depends on you so pretty please don't break my heart.

And to motivate you guys, I'll be picking my best, and the reader gets a gift.

Hint: It has something to do with art and fashion. I'll reveal it later. The gift is for only lagos people though.

Ok, that was a long one! If you got to the end of this post, you are a gem and I sincerely love you.


DIY posts to get you started on crafty assignment *wink

-Valentine Inspired Denim Tote Bag

-Ankara Rings

- Ombre tassel Pendant

- Awesome blue ribbon choker in three steps.

- Turn your flared skirt into shorts (culottes)

-Vintage Time-piece Necklace 

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Trend Watch: Everyone Seems To Be Rocking Hair Rings

So I stumbled on something very intriguing...

I found hair rings very interesting so I decided to make a research and I realized it was slowly but steadily becoming a trend.

Rings have been making serious waves since 2014 and apparently will continue to do so seeing as the ring trend has extended to hair as well. I feel they're like silver thinner hair beads. Or may be the hair version of hoop earrings. Ha Ha.

I'm not sure what I think of them yet but I find them edgy and I've always liked edgy.

Before taking on this trend, a few tips.

- Start small.

Start with one to three hair rings. When you're feeling bolder, you could increase the number. I've found that with trends like this, it's better to start with small doses.

-Embed them in braids.

What's the thing all the pictures have in common?


I'm sure there are other ways they could be styled but I quite like the braid approach-funky and safe.

-Occasion appropriate.

I feel this trend would only work in a fashion forward environment or a very casual one. I don't see this working in a corporate environment.

- Keep other accessories to a minimum.

This mostly refers to other facial ring though. Hoop earrings, septums, with a lot of hair rings would look like too much, wouldn't it? Unless everything is kept to a minimum anyway. It's all about balance.

So that's it people!

Would you wear hair rings?

I think I would. Emphasis on think.

Images: via, viavia, via,  via,

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What I Wore: Shabby-Chic | Tales of Self-expression

There is just this feeling, this freedom, from pure, unadulterated self-expression.

Back in the day, I loved dresses. I still do. But I was never one for pretty dresses (even though I had an unusual bow obsession). But I did want to be pretty.

Now, you may be wondering... "pretty"?!!! REALLY?!! 

Well, it's not so far fetched for a girl coming into her own. 

Back to longing to be called pretty. Actually, not longing to be "called". Some told me. I guess their opinions didn't count because what I wanted was to feel pretty 

Because pretty people seemed to have it all together, seemed like they fit in just right into the world (which I had a feeling was never going to happen). Most of all, pretty people were liked. I remember this as all I really wanted. To like, be liked, and fit in.

So I started trying to look pretty and failed ridiculously at that. It was never quite my style.

One day, I realized the problem was thus: if I didn't present my true self to the world, how did I expect people to like the non-existent me?

That was my moment. The moment I broke out of my shell, the moment I decided to be me. And most probably the moment I developed what people term the "I don't care" attitude. I did care about a lot of things, I just wasn't obsessed with people liking me or fitting in anymore. I had decided to just... Be.

The transformation didn't happened immediately but very slowly.

One day, I decided I didn't like body-con dresses and perfect make up. I felt it wasn't a true representation of me. The next, I realized how much I loved maxi skirts and should probably stock up on that. Oversized shirts came in next naturally, and the story goes on.

I'm fine with me now. Still not quite fitting in but fitting in way better because the expression of my true self brought like-people apparently. If it didn't, it at least a gave people an idea of who I was so they knew how to relate with me.

That's the thing about self-expression and style. Style gives a glimpse of your personality before you have a chance to make other impressions.

Whilst I realize this outfit probably makes a not-so-impressive impression, it is unapologetically me. And no, I don't dress this way for occasions. It's my one exception.

I've learnt it's best to dress like your true self (if that's what you want the world to see ofcourse).

It's been a while, I'm truly sorry.

-The dress was thrifted at 300naira. Can I get a #frugalista high five?

-The shoes were gotten at Yaba for 1000naira

-The scarf was a gift from my aunt, worn here for the first time.

Can you name three elements that represent your true, unapologetic style?

Mine are Oversized shirts, prints & patterns, and Maxi skirts. I'd love to know yours.

Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!
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Life Adventures: In March

I'm thinking of calling this something entirely different because I have no adventures. I guess I called it "Life Adventures" in faith, hoping that it would motivate me to lead a more adventurous life. But I was wrong.

This is my life and that's the way it is but could me leading an unadventurous life  and really enjoying it be called my peculiar adventure? "The unadventurous adventure series". Ha Ha. 

I'd like to think so. So let's get personal.


On discovering the pleasure of one's company:

I've always been a loner by choice. But the thing is, after making epic friends, I found that it was difficult to go back to my peaceful existence because...

This month, I have enjoyed hanging out with myself and my own company. My friends are as cool as ever but sometimes, one just needs to be by oneself and reflect.

On living everyday like its your last:

You know when people ask you "what would you do if today was your last?"

I usually mutter something along the lines of doing everything I always wanted to do. This month, I came up with a different answer...

"I'd treasure every moment I'm alive, do one thing that makes me happy and spend the rest of the day with my family."

Honestly, it'll take a longer time to do the things I would want to. No really, I'd like to explore Europe and how long will that take?

It's a weird thing to ponder but why not live everyday like its your last? Like treasuring every moment and finding the fun or joy in every situation.



-100 ways to a stress-free life.

Weird I know but this book contains stupidly simple solutions to supposedly complex situations. I really like how every chapter ends with "Why make yourself crazy?" That was my mum's mantra for more than a year after reading the book.

-How to study by Harry Maddox

OK, this is not some ridiculous self-help book about believing you can do it and cleansing the mind and so on. This book offers really helpful tips on time management, study skills and research that'll help to improve your work ethic.

So why did I read this book? I really needed help and I can not lie. I was becoming overwhelmed and the fear of failure was already kicking in.


Ha Ha. I haven't been keeping up. I would be hanging out with people and they would mention some random musician and I'm like "huh?"

It's by choice though. I can't stand most musicians these days. Their lyrics make my ears burn. Most people don't even pay attention to the lyrics sef.

Any recommendations?


I don't know about y'all but ice cream is still king. I know, I know, my tastes are supposed to be mature and so on. I really like "Cold stone" though. Any time I take their chocolate flavoured ice cream, I talk about their ice-cream for weeks so I rarely indulge, lol.

I hardly have fun these days. I do have fun but not in the expected ways like going out and stuff.

 For instance, I have discovered my love for Lagos, and just a ride back home is fun. I observe the little details and these make me smile. Lagos is stressful but it is home. (My people in the village must not hear me, an Igbo girl, calling Lagos home o).

What did you undertake in March? 

P.S: The frugal fashion series is still on, I'm very sorry for my inconsistency. I almost even forgot to put this up. Didn't realize today was 30th until this morning.

The flatlay how-to post is going up next month, I'm still taking the pictures for the post.

P.P.S: I was featured on Sasha Frank, where I talked about defining beauty, things I would tell younger girls just coming into their own and overcoming insecurities. You can read it here

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What I Wore: All Black Everything | Giveaway Winner Announcement

Hey people!

So the first time this wall was featured on this blog, I asked y'all what you would wear against a yellow wall on Instagram most said black. So I decided to try it.

I hardly plan my outfits so most of the time I wear all black, total coincidence.

This time however, I incorporated Bohemian elements to an all black look. The LBD (little black dress) plus black heels would have been too easy (plus I don't even own an LBD anymore).

Notice the sheer details? Well, I didn't even know it was this sheer. I even pondered not posting it anymore because... Well, it seemed a little too much for but decided to go with it anyway. I guess it's just at the edge of the line, not completely over it.

Do you ever feel like you're crossing lines of decency? 

Decided to stack on the rings and armlets. The first one was first featured here  (where I animatedly discussed turning a bracelet to an armlet). You know, I'm not sure what they're called, just called it an armlet *shrugs*.

The hat first appeared here styled in a more elegant way.

Most items here are thrifted so won't go into details. I did buy the sheer top for 50naira though. Shared that in the spirit of frugal fashion of course.

Dark make up because... Well, I was feeling edgy and badass. Ha Ha.

So the giveaway winner is *drum rolllll*

@Jaylo_pulchra. Congrats, will contact you via email. 

I just want to say thanks for participating guys. More giveaways coming your way. Most likely a DIY so stay tuned ; )

So what other colours would you wear against a yellow wall? I already asked but I'd love to hear new ideas. I just might feature them. 

YOUR TURN! Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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Frugal Fashion Series: How To Define Your Personal Style

How many times have you been asked to describe your style and started with "Uhm...." Then fumbled and came up with "Trendy", "Casual" or something similar?

We've all been there and seeing as the question, "How would you describe your personal style?" is fast becoming a really popular question, you really need to figure it out.

"But what does this have to do with being a #frugalista and working with your (limited) budget?" You might be wondering. This article is geared towards two things:

1. Helping you understand how your knowledge of your personal style greatly affects your budget.

2. Giving you an easy method of actually knowing and defining your personal style.

So how does knowing one's style come into play?

Put simply, knowing what you like helps you choose well, there by helping you spend less.

Not convinced?

Think of all the clothing articles you ever bought (probably because you thought you were getting a good deal) but never wore because you realized (a little too late) that you really didn't like them. You probably ended up giving them out.

Now, think of the money you could have spent instead on clothes that you actually like.

Knowing your style helps you know what specific clothing items to invest in rather than just buying clothes randomly.

So this begs the question... How do you know your personal style?

Let me tell you the truth. No one has one particular style. Even people with a generally casual style dress up once in a while. You probably fit into two or more fashion styles. The fact is, most times, our style varies based on occasion.

The key is to just know what you like, then find adjectives to describe those things you like.

Knowing what you like is not as easy as one might think.

So here's what you do: Get a piece of paper and write down things you like. Do this randomly, don't overthink it. Done?

Now, find adjectives that rightly describe a group of things you like.

For example, I have noticed I love earthy tones, sandals, florals, bulky natural jewellry and flowing maxis. The simple adjective here is "Bohemian".

But like I said, not a lot of people fit into one style and I'm one of them. I also like shirts, skater skirts and clothing items similar to the typical high school uniform. The right adjective here is "Preppy".

So if I were to describe my style for instance, I'd say "Preppy Bohemian" (my style isn't just preppy bohemian but we'll go with it in this case).

"Trendy" is an okay description but it's way too vague. An apt description is probably a combination of two or more styles since people usually fit into more than one.

Funky, Punk, Afro, Vintage, Retro, Classic, Bohemian, Preppy, edgy, urban, sporty, glamourous, corporate, Goth, victorian, lolita, laid-back, business-casual, the adjectives are endless.

In conclusion, being able to describe your style would in turn help you define your style which will help you choose well when you go frugal shopping.

N.B: There are so many styles in the world and I'd think it'd be fun to learn about them in an upcoming "Know your style series". Excited?

Now that we know what we like, on to the next step: Finding things we like that are cheap in price but expensive in quality.
The next post in this series would be covering Thrift Shopping (tips & tricks) which is the perfect marriage of our efficient definition of quality.
Let me know if you have any specific questions on the Frugal Fashion Series in the comments section or shoot me an email (

Picture credit: All items in the collage can be found on
How would do you describe your personal style?


Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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Frugal Fashion #1: What is Frugal Fashion?

Frugal Fashion #2: The difference between fake & original clothing | How to spot quality clothing items.

-Outfit ideas for holiday parties this holidays season!

DIY: Vintage Inspired Time-Piece Necklace

Hey guys!

This is probably going to be the only DIY this month because it's the only one I've been able to finsh but next month, you'll be getting about two DIYs.

So this is a really simple DIY. Yes, all my DIYs are simple but I think this is by far the simplest.

DIY is all about creativity, about thinking outside the box. At least this one is.

I remember those classic old movies where the gentleman in the top hat would so gallantly check his timepiece. Granted it wasn't exactly a necklace but it wasn't a wrist watch either.

That was my inspiration for this. I saw the colour of the necklace and how it matched the vintage-y look of the watch and thought "Why not?

You will need:
A necklace and watch that match. You could easily get a similar watch here.

The best part about this? You also get a "new" bracelet and if you get bored, you could always make the bracelet a watch again.

Remove the wristwatch very carefully from the bracelet then slide the necklace through one end of the wristwatch. Make sure the watch is facing a direction with which you could easily tell time and...

Now, rock your fab vintage timepiece like that funky person that you are!

Double-timer (As seen on my instagram, @unservile_fashionist) I still wear my wristwatch while wearing the necklace. Why? Because I can (*insert emoji with smug look and badass sunglasses*)

P.S: If you try this DIY, I'd love to see your work! Shoot me an email ( or use the hashtag #miralabelleDIY and tag me (@unservile_fashionist) on Instagram.

Enjoyed this DIY? share with all your DIY lovin' friends!
P.P.S: The Ankara satchel bag giveaway is still on.

I understand that a lot of people don't want to participate because they feel they don't stand a chance. You do.

And no, hundreds of people haven't entered. Not even up to 20. Giveaway winner would be announced on the 20th. Participate, you just might win.


-Valentine Inspired Denim Tote Bag

 -Ankara Rings

- Ombre tassel Pendant

- Awesome blue ribbon choker in three steps.

- Turn your flared skirt into shorts (culottes)

The Truth About Finding Happiness | Plus a Giveaway That'll Certainly Make You Happy

"Happiness is a Choice".

I've been hearing this over and over agin. But what does choosing happiness really mean?

One of the things that actually gets to me is the never ending argument between people who say "Money doesn't buy Happiness" and the people that disagree with that particular school of thought. Me? I'm in between. I believe money has little to do with the issue at hand.

So what's the issue?

One word.

If you are contented with wherever you are in life, what ever you have, you'll be happy. That's the truth.

Doesn't mean one should lack ambition or motivation. It's just that if you keep on thinking "wouldn't life be better if..." you'll never find true happiness.

Humans are insatiable.

If you think, "When I become a millionaire, I'll be happy" WRONG! When you become a millionaire, you'd want to become a billionaire and then you THINK you'd be happy. It's a vicious cycle.

Aim high, aim big, but don't forget to be contented with where you are right now.

Current look...

Another thing about finding true happiness? It's the little things.

The company of your friends and/or family, looking out of the window and seeing a beautiful sight, being thankful that you were able to see another day, watching a toddler trying to walk but cutely stumbling,...

It's the little things. Take your happiness where you can find it and never play to the gallery. Don't live for what "people would say" just do you and be happy.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Peace of mind.

When you have a clear conscience, you'll be happy. No doubt about it. Try not to hurt people, don't hold grudges and try to tell the truth always.

The truth does indeed set one free. It's an old saying for a reason.

In honour of Muna Muoneke's blog anniversary, we teamed up to bring you a giveaway featuring this epic #MMSatchelBag (which a 13-inch laptop could actually fit in!)

All you have to do to win is:
- Suscribe to her blog here (There'll be a pop-up you'll submit your email address into)
-Subscribe to mine here
-Follow us on Instagram here and here (@unservile_fashionist and @munamuoneke)
-Then repost the picture above on Instagram using the hashtags #MunaMuonekeGiveaway and #Miralabellegiveaway telling us how you'd style the bag.
*Lagos inhabitants only. The giveaway winner would be announced on the 20th of March.
That's it!
Remember what I said about happiness being about the little things? Yea, I wish I could win this bag, It would make me so happy.
You guys should participate o. I know that what you have to do to win is a lot but it would break my heart if you guys didn't participate in my first giveaway. Good luck people!
What does happiness mean to you?
Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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Frugal Fashion Series: The difference between fake & original clothing | How to spot quality clothing items.

Have you ever walked into a high-fashion (expensive) looking store expecting to find/splurge on top-quality clothing items only to walk away disappointed because the said store is full of not-so-top-quality items?
Expensive doesn't always mean quality and once you understand that, your wardrobe becomes much better and your pocket becomes immensely grateful to you. This begs the question... What exactly does quality mean?

I took a mini (teeny tiny) survey and 9 out of 10 people said that the first thing that came to their minds when quality was mention was in fact, "expensive".

I'm not necessarily an expert in this field but I think I've learnt a lot of quality (ha ha) lessons from my various mistakes while shopping and building my wardrobe.

By the end of this article, I want you to gain three very important things
1. A new efficient way to look at quality.

2. Know the difference between fake and original clothing

3. Sure-fire ways to actually spot quality.

Interested? Let's get right to it!

A New Efficient Way To Look at Quality
Instead of looking at quality as "expensive", why don't you look at it as "Free of Flaws"? So you when you're holding a clothing item, you don't wonder how expensive it is. You look for flaws. It's that simple. Makes more sense right?

Now for the frugal fashionista, We'll be looking at it a bit differently. As a frugalista, you don't just look for flaws when you pick that clothing item. You also look at the price tag.

The question should be, "How can I get an item that's free of flaws for a reasonable/affordable price?" So that way, you don't compromise on quality and your pockets aren't empty. It's a more efficient way.

Yes, finding a way to satisfy both parameters is quite difficult. I'll be covering that in this series too (so stay tuned!).

Know the difference between fake and original clothing
There is only one difference between fake and original clothing. I kid you not. Curious?

I couldn't bait you. The simple difference is in the workmanship. The manufacturer of the original clothing is trying to make a very good, long lasting clothing item, while the other is trying to make maximum profit from minimum resources. That's it in a nutshell.

Sure-Fire Ways To Actually Spot Quality
Now that we've started thinking of quality in more efficient terms, it's time for the practical part- how to actually spot these quality items.

Since we know that quality means "Free of Flaws", when judging quality, we look for flaws. Easy innit? The not-so-easy part is knowing exactly where to check. There are two ways you could go about this.

1. You could look through the eyes of the manufacturer and ask yourself the question- "If I were trying to efficiently cut costs to make maximum profit, where I exactly would I do that?"

2. I could just list out 3 ways manufacturers could try to cut costs for you and you use the lessons learnt from this post to figure the rest (plus a free checklist!). ;)

Since I would go with number two (naturally), here's the list of what to look out for when looking for flaws.

- Buttons and Embellishments
This is the easiest giveaway. If you're trying to cut costs, why make it so obvious? *shakes head sadly* Most cheap (in quality) clothes have rubbish (for lack of a better word) buttons. The buttons and embellishments look so fake, it's a giveaway.

If the buttons look good however, check how well they're sewn on. Very well?

Then that item has some quality. To pass the ultimate button quality test, a very flawless item would even go as far as giving you extra buttons. This simply means the manufacturer expects the clothing item to last long enough that you might have to change the buttons.

How neat are the seams? When clothes are low-quality, the seams are almost always untidy or ripping apart. Dead giveaway.

- Fit
I wanted to go with thread count for the last one but what with the way flimsy materials are in fashion, it might not be as helpful so we'll go with fit.

Have you ever tried on a clothing item and it just doesn't look right? You think its your body so you make another person try it and it still doesn't... fit?

Low-quality clothes hardly ever have the right cut. The work done was shabby so it doesn't sit or fit right because of the poor workmanship. This should be easy enough to spot. I implore you- stay away from ill-fitting clothes. I made that mistake a lot. Ignore how pretty the dress is.

Remember- the goal is to for the item to be reasonable in price, expensive in quality.
While knowing how to combine the word quality and cheap (in price) is crucial as a frugalista, it is also important to define your style. Knowing what you like and don't like would make your frugal journey easier.

How? You'll just have to wait for the next post.
What quality mistakes have you made on your fashion journey?

BONUS: There's a free checklist of flaws to help you discern the quality of your clothing items. Get yours here by signing up. You're welcome.


Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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