5 Reasons I Hate MakeUp

Hi guys!

I seem to be on a roll with these list-type posts.

To be honest, I had to idea what to blog about until about 11am this morning. I was at a fashion campaign shoot and it came to me- makeup is sooo annoying. Here's why:

1. Stains. Every. Where.

It really pisses me off.

You're about to leave your house after getting all dressed, looking all fly and stuff when you look down and oops. 

Lipstick from your lips to your face to your hands somehow got to your skirt and you're now questioning the whole point of even stepping out of the house.

Still don't get it? 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 2. I just can't seem to master the art.

On a fairly good day, the brows come out great, eyeliner so harp and straight, eye shadow well blended, you know. But on those other days, eek.

I just be here wondering why my eyeliner be looking like horns. Or why oh why do my eyes look like I've gotten a serious beating? On top eyshadow (because of eyeshadow). Sigh. *cleans makeup* *embraces the bare-faced look*

Exhibit A:

3. Takes way too much time.

So here's a story: I was watching Berry Dakara's vlog about a month ago and she and her sister were doing a 5 minute makeup challenge. I was all "I can totally do this!" "It wouldn't even take me this long!" And then my friend said let's do it. I'm like yes!

I failed. Woefully! But it's alright because I at least did better than Berry and her sister.

Exhibit A:

4. Quality is too expensive.

I love the Zaron matte powder. It's seriously bae. But 4,500naira?!? That's the price of a pair of shoes or clothing item. And there's so much to invest in: 

- Brow pencil
-Brow filler
-Brow gel
-Face primer
-Lip pencils in different shades

... Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!
But really, who else misses the eyeliner and lipstick days?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Damn straight!
 Exhibit C:

Last one:

5. And when the art isn't mastered to a degree

*Facepalms and simultaneously shakes head*

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 When it comes to makeup, it's to never fail than actually try and end up failing.

Enough said.

Pin this image preeeeeety please?
 Makeup is fun though! And it's interesting to see how makeup can really transform an outfit because in all honesty, I use makeup as an accessory.

What's your favourite makeup item? 

I'll go first- Eyeliner! You probably already knew that. Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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What I Wore: Monochrome with Tonye Igbani at #NNHB2016

Hi guys!

This is going to be a really quick one.

Do you remeber Tonye from this collaboration

We met again at the Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty show 2016 (read my review here ) and coincidentally, we were both wearing black and white so, collab!

I decided to go for a slightly preppy look because the dress had a collar. Seemed a good enough reason.

My very own pop of colour. Finally tried my Zaron gel eyeliner. Yay or nay?

As I was waslking on the road, a child actually pointed to me, showing his mum how I was wearing "policeman shoes."

 What do you think of this outfit?

Also, what your take on wearing socks fashionably?

Dress from: @desire1709fashion
Photography: @graysbibishotit
Tonye's Blog: here

Leave a comment, I'd to hear from you.

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5 Things I learnt at the Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty show | NNHB recap

 I attended the #NNHB2016 show on Saturday, 19th of November. Yup! Look who's becoming a social butterfly!

Just kidding. This weekend promises to be full of shows that involve my bed and I.

As you know, I recently went natural in September (I mentioned it here) after transitioning since January 2016. Or was it February? I seem to be unable to keep track of these things. Having natural hair is still quite new to me so I was actually excited about this show.

Whilst thinking up a way to blog about this event, I realized the show was quite informative and left with a fuller head that day. However, seeing as I was very hungry & tired, it was hard to recall anything at the end of the show. When asked what I had learnt, I remember mumbling something about "4c hair needing butters and creams."

So, here's what I learnt in a more coherent manner:

But first, a recap...

As is my usual manner these days, I was late. I'm not even going to bother making excuses. By the time I got there, the workshop was in full swing but to get to place it was holding, I had to pass the exhibition area. On my way, I saw:

And other cool stuff.

So on to the lessons:

1. I know Nothing.


Okay maybe not nothing, but still! I thought myself quite knowledgeable until I attended this show. At first I was confused because so much information to process in so little time. But I caught on eventually. I think.

I learnt that I still have a lot to learn and that's what made me pay close attention.

2. It's not "just hair".

Normally, when people would rave about "wash days", I'd be like bruh. Relaxed people wash their hair too you know? Ain't none of them talking about days they wash their hair and you know, at the end of the day, is it not just hair?

But I think I get it now.

They're natural hair enthusiasts and are quite passionate. For someone like me who had her hair relaxed since she was but two years old, growing hair of a different texture is an adventure. 
I actually went natural because I was getting bored with my hair. I didn't feel like cutting or dyeing my hair so I decided to go natural for something different. and also to see what the fuss was about. And now, some how, I find myself talking about twist outs, finger coils and length retention.

There's a community of hair lovers and people out there who take this stuff seriously that I never even knew existed.

3. I might not be dyeing my hair anytime soon.

The initial plan was to dye my hair blue the minute it was long enough but for some reason, I was stalling. I learnt that dyed hair requires way more care than I'm ready for right now and I just can't deal with unhealthy hair. I'd rather cut it off.

Ijeoma Eboh (the speaker above) talked about hair colour, dyes and Hair care. After learning the types of hair colour (temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent & permanent), I think I'll be getting the demi-permanent hair colour some time in the future as it lasts for only 12 washes. 

4. The typical standard of Beauty is a veil of glamour.

In this day and age I mean. 

When a person isn't particularly glammed up, certain assumptions are made about the person and sometimes, said person could even be dismissed, seen as irrelevant. But that's a story for another day.

I learnt to be more open-minded. Just because something doesn't fit into one's expectations doesn't make it any less of what it is. There are different kinds of beauty.

5. To be free of hairxpectations.

I've heard many a people talk about having 4c (coily) hair while they expected 3c (curly)hair. Or maybe it's all You Tube's fault? 

I learnt to just take everything as it comes, dry, short, coily, ends that look relaxed for some strange reason, and embrace it all. But I'd still like hair long enough to be packed into a bun. No, I'm not complaining but it's my default hairstyle and I feel stressed without it.

Oof. Another long post. Sorry there were little to no pictures but it was already a wordy post. Why bombard it?

Pictures of me via @graysbibi

Event pictures via Gracey. Check out her review here
Full outfit post on what I wore coming up on Monday so stay tuned.

Also, how has your hair journey been so far? 

This question is to #allthepeople- relaxed, natural, texlaxed, etc.

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What I Wore: Gtbank Fashion Weekend | Event recap

Hi guys!

So two weekends ago, I attended day 2 of the  Gtbank fshion wknd with the bestie (who basically dragged me there in my opinion) and this is what I wore:

I've been loving neutral outfits these days, it's just sad that I have way too many dark clothes to pull off this trend often.

On to the recap, there is no recap. What I have, is a story:

Lately, I've been a housie. Or homie?

Why did I just type lately? I've always preferred staying home to going anywhere (unless there's food involved ofcourse). It's part of the reason I didn't attend Lagos Fashion and Design week, I've been getting JOMO vibes. As in the "Joy Of Missing Out".

Anyways, the bestie and I agreed to meet there, saying we'd leave our houses by 3pm since the event would start by 7pm or so. By three, while laying on my bed, I was already convinced I was going nowhere and was already typing this message "Nah fam. Don't think I'll be making it." when she sent a message promptly informing me that she was already made up and I should get up, dress up and leave my house.

I almost got lost (again) but Seyi (the bestie) to the rescue. I really need to switch to team Uber but their prices are just too high. I could spend that money on clothes and shoes, ypu know?

So we got there and I saw a lot of people I knew which made for a better experience than sulking in a corner. A far cry from last year, I tell you.

We took pictures of our outfits, chatted with people we bumped into then decided to go inside since the show was about to start. Then...

We walked into the building and we saw a line. Like, a really long line. We were confused so we decided to ask someone (hey Cassie!) What was going on and we found that it was the line to actually enter the show. Nuh uh.

I decided I wasn't waiting and Seyi said she wanted to leave but insisted we should walk around first. 10 minutes later, I was bored and craving my bed more by the second. Seyi had also had enough so we decided to leave.

The next day, I saw pictures of how epic the show was and awesome reviews of the show. Sigh. Is it weird that I feel not an ounce of regret that I left?


And that Ladies and gentlemen, is How To (Not) Attend a Fashion Show.

Thoughts on this story? Am I the only one feeling all "JOMO"? 

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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P.S: I updated my about page.

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What I Wore: Retro Print Clash | My Go-To Dress

I'm pretty sure there's that one clothing article in your wardrobe that you find yourself wearing over and over. And over. Every single time you're at a loss on what to wear, you pick that item up. Feel the need to dress for comfort? That same piece.

Am I right?

Mine's this floral dress with a sweetheart neckline that I've worn here and here and here and here. And now, here. I love the colour and I'm florally obsessed so it's a very good fit.

This was an impromptu shoot (my fave kind) and I'm thinking of doing more of those.  When I plan shoots and agonize over every detail, chances are, that shoot gets postponed.

I was definitely feeling funky. I think it was the glasses. Definitely my current fave. Loving my hair too though. I'll writing a post soon on how things have changed since went natural so stay tuned : )

To be honest, the way I dress up is this: I just throw on whatever is ironed and seems appropriate enough and it usually comes out okay I think. That's the advantage of having a wardrobe that consists of only clothes that blend with your style.

What's your go-to Clothing item?

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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Wishing you a great week ahead, Cheers!xx

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6 Lessons Learnt in October | Monthly Recap

Happy new month guys!

Quick recap first:

I finished my exams a few days ago, so I'm officially in my third year of studying physiotherapy now. I'm not going to lie, this year has been a challenging one. I have grown, developed a new skill, and had myself pushed to the limit.

I always knew multi-tasking wasn't my strong suit and yet this year, I have found myself juggling a lot of things and trying to make sure nothing drops. Three days ago, I felt defeated (that's why this post was kind of late). I felt like I wasn't doing a very good job of everything I was doing. I guess I was just scared of failure (I'm starting to think I have a real phobia).

I felt this way throughout October when I was writing my exams and if I'm honest, that's how I've been feeling all year. No, this isn't me whining. I am indeed grateful for how far I've come.

This post is mainly about lessons I learnt in the last month but also highlights the things I've learnt in general this year.

1. Determination is the best form of motivation.

So many times in October, I felt like quitting. I was unmotivated and tired and felt like I needed a break. But I was determined to succeed and that was what drove me. Made me keep studying when all I wanted to do was sleep. Made me type posts and come up with post ideas when I felt like I needed a break.

But best of all, determination is a positive driver. Unlike useless emotions, like say, Jealousy.

2. Envy makes one delusional.

The most common form being social media envy.

The thing most people fail to realize is that on social media, everyone puts their best foot forward, as should be the case. Whilst it might trouble you that their best foot is far superior to yours, remember that rich people pay higher taxes.

No, really. They might seem like everything might be going fine but you don't know their struggles. Be content with your foot because you're not getting the full story. Social media is make-believe.

Which makes the people who are actually living the real fantasy life lucky, eh?

3. I'm the easiest person to charm.

One word, Ice-cream.

Just kidding. It's probably two words but you know, let's not ruin it.

I've learnt that when I meet people, they make a certain impression on me which leads to the first layer of my opinions of them. As I communicate more with them, more layers form. I've found that I'm generally unassuming and I sincerely thought this was because I was indifferent to most people.

This month, I realized I like to give people the benefit if the doubt. I don't dislike people based on hearsay and hardly judge them for choices. It was refreshing to know this about myself. Still in the process of soul searching though.

4. On the concept of being misunderstood

I once heard a saying that no one is misunderstood, that that's just what people say when they don't like themselves. 

I've always pondered the credibility of that statement.

I feel like people are misunderstood because they act mostly based on standards alien to other people. Their decisions, thoughts & reactions aren't typical and don't fit into any of the standard expectations and people just don't get that.

So the "misunderstood" ones try their best to fit in. Some succeed. Some don't. I fall into the latter group with no regrets whatsoever. The truth is, the reason one might label me "misunderstood" is because I don't care about fitting in. At least not anymore. 

There is a time in one's life when the pressure of being disliked weighs heavily on one, and I was honestly tired of feeling left out. I tried fitting in, ko le werk, and just let it go.

However, most people who claim other people are misunderstood? Yea, they're probably just making excuses for the people they love. The keyword in that statement being "most".

But what if the person you love is yourself? 

Thought provoking isn't it?

5. Friendships should have a deeper meaning.

It would seem weird but I can count my friends, true friends, on one hand. There are, of course, many disadvantages to this but I rather like things that way.

Because friendship should have a deeper meaning than clothes, money, men, shopping, gossip, and so on.

It came to my attention recently (February this year actually) that at my stage and age, most friendships are tied to these things. I can to talk to just about anybody on any of the topics above. It's not hard to find someone in similar shoes and/or grievances.

There's a saying, "Friendship is the freedom to express oneself without the fear of being ridiculed or misjudged". Whilst that might seem like a simple statement, it carries a lot of meaning to me.

Loyalty. Tolerance. Acceptance. Knowledge. 

So I really don't understand how the term "Frenemy" even works out. Friendship is a relationship, and one I take seriously. I would do everything in my power to help my friend if he/she just asked me to. Helping the person is a relative term of course, being what's best for the person. 

Most people just want gossip partners. Which I think is quite sad because after family comes friendship. And in some rare cases, before family. 

6. Fear is a good thing.

Better believe it.

Fear is an inbuilt radar that's supposed to make us careful lest we feel invincible. It's usually a sign that something could go wrong. 

The problem therefore, lies in the person who is scared, in the form of cowardice. To quote one of my favourite movies, "Courage is not the absence of fear but the knowledge that something else is importance".

Am I saying fear of failure is a bad thing? Not necessarily. As long as you're channelling it in the right direction- making sure you succeed.

What did you learn in October?

I honestly intended this to be a light-hearted post but I wrote straight from the heart which apparently isn't so light at the moment. I guess you could say I'm feeling thoughtful.

What are your thoughts on my lessons learnt? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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