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Established August 2014, Mira La Belle is primarily a fashion blog that also embeds DIY and photography, and lifestyle.

I coined the name  Mira La Belle from my middle name Mirabel, which is basically word play on my part- you know, Mirabel= Mira La Belle

MLB has certainly come a long way considering the fact that it was initially started as an online portfolio to prove that I was certainly a fashion writer. Little did I know that this space would become so much more to me as it allowed me express my creativity while (hopefully) providing value to other people.

A somewhat detailed breakdown on the topics/areas/subjects covered:

Fashion: My personal style, interesting trends, fashion inspiration and looking fashionable on a (low)budget. 

DIY: Fun, easy, creative DIYs for your enjoyment and/or to supplement your wardrobe (and home/work).

Photography: Tips on improving your photography, how to take better spontaneous pictures with your mobile phone, step-by-step tutorials on designing graphics (primarily for bloggers), how to edit outfit and flatlay pictures, how to fix a bad photo, how to make your Instagram pictures epic and my photodiaries.

Lifestyle: Just bits and pieces of my life, mostly covered by my "Life Adventures Series" which I post every month . I also talk about my life, thoughts, musings in most of my personal style posts in form of stories, mostly events surrounding the outfits. And let's not forget my acne woes.

So grab a drink and take on this journey that is life with me.

 I really do hope you enjoy MLB and are here to stay.To ensure you don't miss any posts, updates or giveaways, Subscribe and join the MLB family. We'd love to have you : )

Behind the blog:

My name is Ijenna Mirabel Osuji and this is my space.

That felt so awesome to type, ha ha.

 Anyway, a little about me... I'm currently studying Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos. 

I am constantly developing new hobbies and I push myself to do things I like but haven't done before. Hence, I draw, write, sing, take pictures (recent development which just proves my point), DIY, and read a lot.

Writing has always been the main focus. So has fashion. So I thought to myself one day, why not combine the two? As soon as I got comfortable with the idea, I became very excited. I decided to write for fashion magazines but ended up changing my mind. I wanted to write and write freely. The idea of my own blog started to form. So here I am with my own blog writing what I love and I hope you love too.

Some random facts:

-I draw. Mostly fashion illustrations right now.

-I look waaaay taller in pictures: I'm actually 5"4.

-I think jam and mayonnaise sandwiches are the best thing ever.

-I talk to myself. A LOT.

-I'm not really into social media but for the sake of blogging. Warming up to Instagram though.

-I believe myself to be quite care free.

-I don't plan that far into the future because who knows what life might bring?

-I love interacting with readers so shoot me an email if you want to say hi (yup! Just had to slot that in!)

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