LIFE/ 19 Things I Want From 2019


Halfway through the month of January and I’m super pumped. With the levity I’ve decided to treat life with, I’ve made a list. I’m a compulsive list maker (thanks, mum) so I really couldn’t resist making a list of the things I want from 2019.

Important fact to note: This is not a list of goals or resolutions. It’s similar to the list of fashion items we keep but never actually do anything about. I can’t be alone on this.

1. A university certificate 

Hoping the strike doesn’t shift this to next year but I’m excited about finally graduating.

2. Less shrinkage

Read somewhere that stretched hair equals minimal tangling and breaking. Also, I just want big hair for a change.

3. Less sun

Translate this to less heat. Minimal movement in the sun would be a dream come true.

4. Less pimples

My acne has drastically improved but due to routine setbacks (read: laziness), pimples keep on popping out.

5. Less limitations

This is the reason I’m in the university in the first place. It better pay off in the long run.

6. Fuller brows

Found a technique that fakes a full look well so this could actually occur.

7. Start a business

Finally ready to take the plunge and turn my hobbies to an inflow source.

8. Solo outings

This means more weird looks when people realize I’m at the movies alone. 

9. More self-help books

I’ve swallowed the arrogance that led me to believe I don’t need them. I’ve read two and they’ve drastically changed my life and thought pattern.

10. More art

Ever since deciding to consistently post my art on the blog, I’ve found a reason to paint more and this makes me happy.

11. More self care 

*Looks down at toenails* I need a pedicure, ASAP.

12. More smoothies

Fell in love with the concept, texture and benefits of smoothies so I’d like this to be a thing.

13. More videos 

I’ve missed creating YouTube content. Sticking with IGTV for now since I’ve decided to be an underachiever. (New videos every Friday?)

14. More photos

Photography was my first love (after fashion illustration) so more more more.

15. More action

Less thinking and planning, more doing. I’ve been incorporating the “done is better than perfect” motto and so far so good. I still wince at the imperfections though. Struggles of a perfectionist.

16. My dream wardrobe

Since getting into minimalism, I’ve been more intentional in my shopping and in 2019 it would be nice if all my pieces are greatly loved by me.

17. Live Plants

For some strange reason, I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive. And I love live plants. I keep on having to throw them away which is frankly disheartening.

18. Liberal creativity 

Already started on this and it’s my theme of the year. Will be creating whatever I want, however I want. I’ve accepted that this is a hobby so enough of trying to create what people like.

19. Growth

Every year, I grow so much it startles me. 2017 taught me my physical and psychological limits. 2018 was my year of growth in terms of financial knowledge and productivity. I wonder what this year will bring.

Words by Ijenna

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  1. I hope you get all 19 things and more, Ijenna.

    *makes mental note to check on Aloe Vera plant when I get home*

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Quite a list you've got up there ��, can you suggest some of (9), really interested in reading such books

  3. Thanks for sharing such information with us, It was so nice to know about this all.