ART/ Connecting The Lines


Life is a series of missing clues, it’s up to us to fill in the gap and make sense of the general picture.

I learnt a thing. 
While the current ASUU strike has its setbacks, the free time equipped me with zeal to finally practice and learn line art. Opportunities come in the most unique packages.

The appealing part about line art is the mystery in every piece. When the eyes first see, the brain starts to interpret and there in lies the fun. Life could be seen this way, every decision made a line. The picture is almost always clearer in hindsight.

The trouble is, some of us keep trying to predict outcomes even before those lines are made. This only breeds a lot of self-doubt. 
Personally,  in #GoWithTheFlow2019, I plan to focus on making those lines and then trying to connect them much later.

Art, Words and Images by Ijenna.

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