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In my opinion, it’s a great time to be female and a bad time to be a feminist. 

Now I know this isn’t what our foremothers died for but feminism has become a joke. Not due to any fault of the concept in itself, but due to a lack of knowledge of its very values. 

The problem with social concepts is that they are largely subjective. There is no definitive standard, no set rules by which people who subscribe to them must follow. This means everything is up to individual interpretation.

This post is in collaboration with @thelvzyblogger who spent several minutes discussing this issue with me on an uneventful night. It just so happens that we were dissecting the concept of feminism school of thoughts (radical and liberal) and so the concept of this post was born. All opinions stated here are mine, however.

The problem with feminism is that cultural differences and personal preferences aren’t taken into consideration. As with all forms of liberation, people are still boxed in. For the radicals who believe men shouldn’t open doors for women, what if I, as a woman, would prefer the door being opened for me? Does that make me less of an independent woman? Does that make me less of a feminist?

The root of the problem is this:
Men aren’t the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy.
For females, ignorance of the concept, for males who still live in the dark ages, ignorance of the importance of the concept. I have heard way too many females say “I’m not a feminist” in the same tone they’d use to deny something distasteful.

Two days ago, someone was talking about girl power and I said “yay feminism” and got ready to launch a speech on the matter, only to be cut short by a man saying “women empowerment isn’t feminism”. Needless to say, I was shooketh. Then what exactly is feminism?

Feminism to this writer is equal chances and rights regardless of gender. Why should anyone be limited not by capabilities and experience but by gender? 

We’re not fighting men, we’re fighting ignorance. Knowledge is indeed power. 
If both women and men knew better and chose to abide by this knowledge, the world would be a far better place.

At least I hope it would be.

Words by Ijenna, Images shot by Storme

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