STYLE/ Chronophobia


“What happens next?”

The constant question on our minds as we sail through this journey called life.

Live in the now, they say. Every moment is precious- I know this, you know this, we all know this. Man is generally bad at taking his own advice. Hence, Chronophobia. The fear of the future. 
The fear of what comes next.

What will be will be. What will be however, depends on the actions and the decisions we make now and that’s where the fear stems from. A desire to not mess tomorrow up, a desire to make tomorrow better than today.

There’s also the thing with passing phases, the anxiety that comes with moving from one stage to another. Staying in one particular phase or stage breeds comfort and since humans detest change even though we adapt, we experience a great discomfort at the thought of something different.

The key is  to turn anxiety towards a change of phase into something more positive. Instead of dreading the event of change, look forward to what ever lays ahead as a challenge but one has to limit oneself from overthinking.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” 
I’m a planner and we planners absolutely despise that saying, don’t we? It’s a good policy though- focus on making today good before trying to make tomorrow better. Focusing on the future is an endless cycle that leaves one thoroughly dissatisfied.

And what happens when you try to recall moments of the past and all you can remember are your achievements?

Words by Ijenna shot by Ariqueza.

Live creatively,

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