STYLE/ An Ode to Independence


Independence, short form indie.
Self-subsistence, freedom from control.
Also, self-imposed shackles.
We bear it with smiling faces, joy plastered all over.

Here’s my take and a watered down version of the White and Green tradition.

Top: 7th Avenue 
Culottes: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Socks: Dresslily

Movies and books fascinate me, more so movies lately due to the virtual transportation of the viewer to different worlds and cultures. I’ve been hooked on Korean movies recently and one thing I’ve noticed is a portrayed lack of individual independence. This opened my eyes to how being independent is a marker of the final stage of maturity in most cultures of our nation.

The state of the country has made many people wonder- would things have been better if the white man just stayed and helped develop our country? We will never know but I honestly don’t want to speculate. It just brings to light how a concept is really just a concept until transcribed into something solid. I for one simply just want a system that works first and foremost before we get into details. 

Alas, we must all take responsibility. We put them in power. Democracy innit? Some will argue that everything has the tendency to get skewed, that the corruption is bone-deep and that’s why there still in power. I say we’re like our leaders. We kept them in power and adopted their values. A classic case of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” 

My point is this- what good is money when it doesn’t translate your visions of “the good life” into reality? What good is independence when we’re free but caged in a defective system, with no other choice than to grin and bear it? We are now the problem but since we’re responsible for putting the shackles on ourselves, we’re indeed free.

“This is Nigeria” and that seemingly excuses all. 

I’ve never made a fuss about this day due to the sentiments expressed above but today, just because, I’ll raise my metaphorical glass to toast this 58 year old country.
Happy Independence Day, Nigeria.

Words by Ijenna shot by Ariqueza.

How do you feel about the state of our nation? Who would you point fingers at? Leave a comment, I’d like to hear from you.

Live creatively,

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  1. Lol, "We're free indeed". Honestly though, blame games never end,i just hope for the sake of the future that we in the present learn from the past(even from our present state).