June ‘18 in Pictures: A Photo Diary


With one-half of the year gone,  a certain feeling of uncertainty creeps in, along with self-doubt and the “what have you even done this year?!!!” question which keeps one awake at night.

Just me then? 

On a lighter note, here’s a photographic depiction of June.

1. I’m happiest when creating.
2. Fave of the month.
3. Been eating healthier and I couldn’t be happier.

4. I’m determined to be a good student this semester. Lol.
5. Something good is coming your way this month. I’ll need a lot of support so please follow @marah.agency.
6. I went out in June and it was indeed an event. Had a good time though.

7. The only outfit I posted in June
8. I spent a very long time trying to achieve the photo on the left and I find the one on the right so aesthetically pleasing.

Stay Creative, Cheers!

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