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Lately, I have begun to crave a different type of environment, a different lifestyle. One that satisfies both my adventurous side and the loner in me. One that feeds my aesthetic crave but is mundane enough to keep me stable.
What does it even mean and why is it relevant? Why would anyone want to be left out? Left behind?

You see, the key to intentional living is the act of filtering. Letting go of the things, people, actions, words, and attitudes you don’t want and savouring the precious few left.

Life is so fast paced and as humans, we are fascinating in our will to have a good time and life even though we have a predetermined end: death. We live and try to live to the fullest, making sure we’re not missing out on anything and everything.

The social pressure that’s a huge part of our generation puts those of us who are disinterested in a tight spot. I remember one time, I went to the club because my friends wanted to and I found myself desperately wishing for my bed and a book.

The questions you should take time to reflect on the answers include: 
What do I want from life? What are the things I desire, the things that bring me joy? The things that make me happy, that make my heart race or set my soul on fire? 
Figured that out?
Do these things.
These are things you’ve been missing out on, the things you should invest your time in. There’s no need to get swept up in the wave of YOLO (You Only Live Once) only to realize that in the pursuit for the optimum life, you were indeed alive but you weren’t truly living.
You didn’t soak up each moment, you didn’t slowly and purposefully savor each victory.

This is the Joy of missing out. The joy that comes with knowing you’re living your life how you want to, living in every moment.
Your thoughts?

Words and Images by Ijenna.
Also, I know what you’re thinking:  Two posts in one week? Whaaaaat? Well, I’ve decided this is bordering on ridiculous and if I’m going to do something, I should just do it right.

Stay Creative, Live creatively.
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  1. "There’s no need to get swept up in the wave of YOLO...only to realize that in the pursuit for the optimum life, you were indeed alive but you weren’t truly living" is my mood for now and forever...I'd be doing what makes me happy. Insightful post! Go girl ❤

  2. Just what I needed.. This post has helped me in ways you can't imagine. Thanks Miralabelle 🤗

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