6 Untold Stories of The Past


Over the past four years, this blog has transitioned from my online portfolio (to prove I was indeed a fashion writer)  to something more like an online journal of my style, thoughts, projects and life. 

And I love it. Not many people can look back and call up precise records of their past years. I, however, am a private person and there’s always this resistance to sharing more than I averagely could so today, I’ll be opening up with six untold and somewhat amusing stories of the past.

In no particular order, we begin...

1. I won an award this year.

In April, I was awarded Style Icon in the Medilag All Time Awards. I knew I was a nominee (for both style icon and media personality) but honestly didn’t expect to win. I actually tried getting people to vote at first but when I found out they had to vote everyday, I gave up. After just one day of trying.

Anyways, the fact that I basically  didn’t campaign made me feel honoured to have won. 

2. How I met the Love of My Life

Don’t get excited. I actually mean how I met my best friend, Seyi

The setting is 12 years ago in an almost empty boarding school. Two girls are seated, waiting for their parents to pick them up. One is chewing gum, popping bubbles so enthusiastically while the other stares in fascination. A question is asked “how are you blowing the bubbles?” The other shrugs and proceeds to teach a lesson on the complexities of bubble blowing. The parents finally arrive, pick up their children but the friendship is formed. The next term, the bond is strengthened and here we are today. 

3. I used to dress like a tomboy 

This phase began in the early 2000’s Out of sheer laziness. Jeans (notably not the flattering kind), t-shirts and my trusty sneakers were all I ever wore much to my mother’s obvious disappointment.

I unfortunately picked up this habit again albeit in a more flattering manner in 2013 but quickly disposed of it in 2014. Not that it’s a bad style but for me, there’s a big difference between an androgynous style and what is referred to as the tomboy style. 

My style frequently fluctuates and right now, it’s a mix of preppy, Victorian and casual. But mostly preppy.

4. A typical day in my life in 2017

So I’ll be capitalizing on mid-2017 for a more balanced outlook.

I would wake up by 6:30am, pack my bags and have my bath. Pick out whatever was decent and sort of ironed. I’d check my phone for updates, messages and so on, leave by exactly 7:40am and make it to class in time. I’d take my preferred seat and classes would begin. 

By 12pm, I’d go in a break (if a lecturer hadn’t fixed a class) and get light snacks. Fish roll was a fave.

Classes would begin at 1pm till 4pm (as long as the lecturer didn’t decide to extend the class). I would then rush to work and probably end up being late. I worked a 4pm to 8pm job, give or take. 

Work was close by thankfully so I’d get home 8:30pm to 9pm. I’d eat something (anything to be honest) and on a good day, I’d try to study something then check my phone for the second time that day for messages and to post stuff on social media.

I’d then sleep and wake up 6:30am. The cycle would continue. Looking back now, it was a stressful existence.

5. I had a hat obsession 

These days, I can’t stand hats (couldn’t even hop on the the beret trend) but back then, I had a wide hat collection. From newsboy and bowler hats to wide-brim and fedora hats. *cringes*. This actually makes me wonder what I’ll regret wearing in the future.

6. I actually disliked my mum.

Mum, if you’re reading this, I can explain. 

You see, I basically grew up (literally) as an only child. Both my parents were bankers so I didn’t see them much. I got sent to boarding school and shortly after that, my parents weren’t bankers anymore. Which means I had to spend more time with them. Which means I just got to know them as an almost pubescent child.

When I think back on it now, I realize that my mum hasn’t changed. She’s still the same and I love the quirks in her personality (even though she’s not as open-minded as she thinks) but back then, I didn’t know or understand her and found her extremely annoying. I’m sure the feeling was mutual.

I hope you enjoyed these stories as much as I loved telling them. Tell me a story from your past, it could be anything. Leave a comment below.

Words by Ijenna.

Stay creative,

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  1. Interesting shares.

    Growing up I didn't like my mum.. I was her only child but we weren't close. Most of my dislike was cos I didn't like being an only child and felt she intentionally didn't want to have mother child.
    Thankfully that all changed with time and more understanding.


  2. The story of how you met Seyi, fascinating. You guys seem like extreme opposites vut that's the best kind of friendships. I can relate with not liking my mum, as an only child my issue was that she was too much in my face even though I went to a boarding school also. I got to know, however that she just wanted to be my best-friend and it's been a good ride since then.
    Funny thing, I also went through the tomboy phase, I used to tie my breasts to flatten them *face palm*. Thank God for growth. Lovely piece Ijenna.

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