Wearing/ Spring + Summer Trends ft. Maju


 The spring + summer concept here of course, refers to the "spring/summer" fashion season seeing as there ain't no such thing in Nigeria. 

Seyi and I had a Muse moment with a Nigerian Brand Maju and we had quite a day. I, being the home buddy that I am hadn't been to or even heard of the shoot locations. I digress. This post is dedicated to the trends taking over this season.

1. Warm Tones

My personal favourite. These days, my clothes are either white, dark tones or warm tones.

2. Frills 

How cute and quirky are frilly trousers?

3. All things sparkles 

Already predicted this since last season but I think it's yet to blow up actually.

4. Blazers

We're probably already tired of this trend anyways but Imma still be rocking it. A blazer has become a style staple for me.

I usually don't follow trends and such but it's quite fun to go along sometimes and jump on the trend train. What trends are you loving?

Stay creative, Cheers!

Words and Images by Ijenna.

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