The Reset Button | How To Get Your Life in Order


We all need a change of pace from time to time and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, feeling free. The goals, dreams, the responsibilities. They choke in excess leaving one feeling stressed and trapped. Stuck. 

 With a clear mind comes fresh thoughts and moments of motivation so strong they spiral into productivity. 

Here's how to click the reset button, here's how to get your life back in order. 


Figure things out 

Make a list (I love lists!) of the things stressing you out. Then make sublists of the specifics of those things. Write out how you could tackle each problem then give yourself a time frame for each task. 

 Once that part is done, take a deep breath and I'm sure you feel better already. You have a plan and there are no problems anymore, only solutions. 


Clear your space

A clear space breeds productivity. I used to doubt this until a friend pointed out that I get stressed out when my space is cluttered or messy. 

 I've been on the minimal movement train since 2017 and every time I declutter- clothes, shoes, books and random objects, I feel lighter and more satisfied with life. 

While a clear physical space is your second step to de-stressing, this point doesn't only refer to your physical space. 

A method I use is from a favourite YouTuber of mine, Rachel of That's Chic. She makes four parts with two perpendicular lines and names each "mind" "body" "space" "digital".

Clear everything out. 


Relax purposefully 

A lot of people know how to relax, it comes so easy to them. This point is for people who feel guilty about taking out a bit of time to relax when there's work to be done. Nothing leads to a break-down faster than constantly grinding. 

 Drink some tea, put on some music, light some candles, pick up a book and calm thyself. 

Work Will always be there. Take a few moments to come up for air, you won't regret it. 


Stop procrastinating 

Procrastinating has a way of eating at one. 

Do all the things you're supposed to do so that you truly  get a fresh part. Procrastination is just resistance to doing the things we dread or fear.

Often times, we end up forgetting the task until last minute and then stress ourselves out trying to tackle the task willy-nilly. Not good for your health. 


Live intentionally

 Success is a series of small wins. Therefore, little actions make up big feats. Follow your plans but don't forget to live. Draft out time for everything you'd like to do with your life be it exercising more or climbing a mountain. 

I'd recommend journaling to get your thoughts, feelings and plans down and order them according to your dream life. 

Stay creative, cheers!

Words and Images by Ijenna.

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  1. I needed this post. I've been feeling choked and uncreative for a while, so last night I decluttered my space. It works! But the list making... I get too wrapped up in the list, which I'm sure is not the purpose of making the list. Any tips on that one?

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