The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Clear Skin


I believe in doing the best you can right now to get to your future goals. I tell my friends all the time to start working on their future selves NOW. That being said, I certainly did not see adult acne in my future, uh uhn.

 I did my best, stayed consistent and here I am, almost acne free. Almost because of stress and skin care routine lapses.

Whilst I’m obviously not coming from a position of power, believe me when I tell you I’ve come a long way.

Today, I bring you the Lazy Girl’s Guide to clear skin.

The most important thing is finding the cause of your acne so I recommend seeing a dermatologist. I apparently had teenage acne (due to over secretion of sebum/“oil”) so I came up with what I call the acne triangle.

 A simple explanation would be this: the skin produces oil, dirt gets on your face and you obviously have dead skin cells. The combination of these things leads to dirt getting trapped, creating an ideal environment for germs to flourish, your skin reacts and boom. Acne.

Much like the fire triangle, I figured, delete one of these parameters and you’re able to combat acne. 

You can do this anyways you want but what I do is:

-cleanse my face regularly to get rid of the dirt. I also avoid touching my face and I try to keep the things my face comes in contact with clean. I’ve recently been experimenting with oil cleansing. I’ll let you know how it goes in the future.

-Exfoliate regularly to get rid of the dead skin cells. I actually do this everyday (not particularly recommended) because if I try the every other day approach, procrastination will kick in.

-I don’t do anything about the oil because I’m not particularly interested. The first time I tried out a treatment that would keep my skin dry, I missed the supple feeling of my skin.

-I also use a clay mask. No idea why. It’s in my possession plus, it makes me feel like I’m going the extra mile. Or something.

With a basic knowledge of the acne mechanism and a workable skin care routine you should be able to get clear skin in a month or two.

Some people recommend cutting out dairy products from your diet. I, however, am not one of those people because of my love affair with milk.

 Do/did you have acne? How did/do you combat it? Leave a comment, let’s start a conversation below.

Words and Images by Ijenna

Till next week, stay creative.


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