The Lazy Girl's guide to Staying Stylish & Chic


Do you ever feel like this fashion thing is all just vanity? Sometimes, I just get tired of all the effort we put into staying trendy and stylish and I just wonder, what is the point? Is all this worth it?

The answer is yes. And I'll tell you why.

Whilst style is seen by most of us as a form of self-expression and what not, we actually seem to forget the main point which is presentability.

"Dress the way you want to be addressed"

No truer words have been said.

Since our clothing speaks for us before we say a single word, it's imperative we actually give people the right message, isn't it?

Now, on to staying stylish when you really couldn't care less. It's actually quite simple and requires just one single step:

Make sure all your clothes match each other.
That's it.

I am the poster child for fashionably lazy people. All I literally do day to day is throw on one item. And another. And add accessories. And I'm out the door.
No kidding.

A few tips:

It's all starts with the purchase. Don't litter or clutter your life. Buy only clothes and accessories that match your style while being very functional. Try to make sure no item is out of place.

Buy trendy things sparingly but not immediately. I understand wanting to jump a trend train the minutes it reaches your station but I'd recommend actually waiting for at least two weeks to see if it's really your thing and if it's actually a trend and not a false alarm.

Lastly, invest in quality pieces that can do double-duty. Triple-duty if possible. What I mean is clothes that can take you from work to brunch to dinner and so on.

After applying all of this, you will find that your fashion journey would be far easier and smoother when the lazy mood strikes.

Especially if you're like me and the mood strikes often.

Got any other tips to add? I'd love to hear from you!

Words and by Ijenna shot by Storme Terry

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  1. Sometimes I usually think we are style twins. Most days, I just throw things on and let my accessories do the rest. That's why when purchasing clothing pieces, they have to be really good things you can throw in on lazy days and still not look homeless. Love this post and your pictures are amazing!

  2. I really like this look and shout-out to we lazy ones (it doesn't look like I'm lazy but trust me I am LOL). Your edits are so grungy, I love! Great tips too.

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