How To Pose Sitting Down For Pictures | A Tutorial


Have you ever had that awkward moment when you had to pose for a photograph while sitting and you had no idea what to do with your hands? Or legs?

You know how you know exactly what to do when you're standing? You slay and serve them looks and as soon a someone's suggests sitting and you get down it's just like "what on earth am I supposed to do now?"

Well, firstly, I'd recommend turning to the side, just a little bit. 

Almost anything you do in this pose will seem more natural. Tilting your head upwards (just a bit, quite unlike my pose in the picture) always goes well with this pose.

Then play with your hands. 

If you're not holding anything, playing with your hands offers poses that could be sexy, natural, happy or artsy. Put your hand in your hair or on the side of your face lightly brushing your skin. You could also put your hands in your laps, this makes for an elegant pose.

Lean forward.

This could be done in conjunction with playing with your hands and they do combine quite nicely.

If you're sitting low enough, do the baddie leg pose.

That is, do the "woman spread" (that's what they're calling it these days) and play with leg poses. Stretch one leg out while the other remains in place.

Now, combine both.

Pose with both your hands and legs but remember, do not be too extra as this makes things look forced.

In the end, just do whatever you feel like, what ever suits you. It's just a picture and there's be other opportunities to slay, yes?

These pictures were taken at the beach and I made a short film on the 8 things one could do at the beach.  Hope you enjoy, be sure to subscribe.

Words and by Ijenna shot by Ariqueza

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  1. This is a really nice video🙌..I love it...please what beach is this?