Natural Hair Routine / Chocolate Petal Review


Been natural two years now and I have no regrets. Not a single one.

Personally, one of the perks of having natural hair is less product and manipulation is needed. Like, I could literally pack my hair into a bun for the rest of my life and be fine. LOL.

Misplaced one of the earrings in this picture. What a tragedy. 

Ironically, people say they dislike being natural because of the money needed to buy "plenty" products. They also say that natural hair is high maintenance. Let's do a quick comparison.

With my relaxed hair, I dreaded washing my because after every wash it would look like dreadlocks. I would spend an hour detangling then piling on a heap of products. Leave in, Bergamot, glycerine and other stuff I don't remember now. I would then wait for my hair to dry and when that happened, I would straighten it because it looked so ratchet and unrelaxed, especially after I had just relaxed it.

Literally did this make up look in 5 minutes. Such #badassery. 

With my natural hair, all I do is wash my hair every week with my chocolate petal black shampoo, apply the chocolate petal deep conditioner as a leave-in and add the leave-in conditioner for good measure. I then put hair cream on the ends of my hair to lock in the moisture, pack my hair into a bun and, done. I also comb my hair only once a week.

The difference is clear. This doesn't apply to everyone though. This is just me. Blissful me, without the stress of remembering to relax my hair and the hair not relaxing properly after the hours of pain. Pfft.

Now on to the review:

Chocolate Petal is an affordable hair/skin care Nigerian brand. They have other products such as Carrot oil (for skincare), beard oil, whipped Shea butter, and coconut oil. But today, we'll be focusing on these three.

The shampoo

500 Naira for 250ml is quite affordable, yes? 

It's as nice as the other shampoos I've tried. Well, almost as nice. The Vitale Olive oil shampoo was better but then, it wasn't made of black soap. Every single black soap shampoo I've tried doesn't particularly stay in my hair and lather up, it just slips right though. I usually have to heap on the product to achieve a cleansing effect. 

As for the chocolate petal shampoo, it could be thicker. Save me more time. Other than that, it's lovely. 

The deep conditioner. 

Price: 700 Naira for 200ml

Bloody genius. I love this product from the bottom of my intestines. Yes, it's that deep. It's made mainly of castor oil but also has coconut oil, peppermint oil and mineral oil. It makes my hair so sleek, this is the key factor. It moisturizes so well. Like, my hair just soaks up that moisture like it's been so thirsty.

I use it as a leave in just as I used to use Vital Olive oil hair mayonnaise as a leave-in ie, I don't wash it off. I checked the ingredients and decided I was comfortable with leaving it in.

The leave-in conditioner

This ish is awesome. After the deep conditioner, I apply the leave-in and boom. My hair gets even better. I particularly love the smell. It mostly smells like honey. It's made up of castor oil, aleo vera gel, coconut oil, shea butter, raw honey and tea tree oil. The leave-in is all natural and conditions my hair so well.

The everyday sleek look

For my everyday routine, I usually just apply the deep conditioner, then the leave-in conditioner, brush my hair and back it into a bun.

Overall, I think the brand is quite nice. The shampoo could be better but they more than made up for it by making the conditioners bomb so I forgive them.

What's your favourite hair care brand?

Words and images by Ijenna.

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Cheers! xx


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  1. As usual,content I love. You didn't say where one could purchase the items though? I'd like to get the leave in conditioner.