The Casual Weekender: A Fantasy


I'm currently of the opinion that Banana leaves are my aesthetic: exotic with a sprinkle of rustic to keep things interesting.

So you remember the pajama trend, right? I thought it would be interesting to try a house robe as a kimono. This is what I imagine the perfect weekend outfit to be.

On a perfect weekend, I would wake up on a sigh thinking:
"Don't you just love the morning without an alarm?"

After my morning rituals and routines, I would sit down to a cup of tea, my new favourite thing, weekend or not.

Realizing that my to-do list is surprisingly empty, I would pick up my phone and go through my socials, ending with an "Ask Wendy Compilation" video on YouTube.

Making my way to my kitchen, I'd pick up my fantasy recipe  notebook (I'd have a notebook for everything instead of cramming it up in one poor book) and try something new and exciting. Probably involving oranges and milk.

Hey, it's my fantasy.

I'd then spend the rest of my weekend eating, reading leisurely and painting myself paint myself. Vain? Maybe just a little bit.


-Robe: Gift from dad
-Body suit: DIY
-Trousers: thrifted
-Shoes: Thrifted

What would your perfect weekend be like?

-Words and Pictures by Ijenna.

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Cheers! xx


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