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In a world of colours, I'd rather be black- uncomplicated and straight forward, simple but edgy, the very definition of my style and attitude.

Yes people! Blazers are back! They never really went out of style but they've not hit this big since 2012. I had quite the collection back then actually. 

Serbia Wilson and I got together to create this contrasting look: Colour Vs. None. 

None because, is black really a colour? Or just an illusion? Hmm. As I write this, I'm really not in the right frame of mind to be deep so let's move on.

It is a universal truth that colours mean a great deal. Mood, personality, name it. I could keep waxing poetic and listing all the reasons this concept was chosen but how about we move straight to the outfits? 

I paired my double-breasted black blazer with a pair of culottes and court shoes. This outfit has quite a bit of elements to it: fish-net socks, gold crossbody bag and the vintage square sunglasses but I think they all go quite nicely, balancing each other to produce a sophisticated edgy vibe.

Serbia's outfit is low key, colourful but still put-together. Would I combine orange and green? Certainly not.
Serbia pulls it off though with little to no accessories (just her glasses) and quirky shoes. 

What do you think of this concept? I'd love to hear from you! 

Lastly, when you think about it, in a world full of colours, why stick to one? 

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Words and by Ijenna shot by Ariqueza

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Cheers! xx


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  1. I love the outfit collaboration,i love your bag and Serbia's shoes