DIY Quick & Easy Tassel Earrings Tutorial


Are tassels still in in 2018?
We'll see.

This concept was something I came up with after watching relatively difficult Tassel earrings DIY tutorials. This method is so simple, I'm actually wondering why it didn't occur to me earlier.

Materials needed:
-small hoop earrings
-something to wrap the yarn around

When I put up a part of the process on my Instagram stories and most of you guessed right, I was kind of surprised.(watch my stories for my daily activities when I remember to put stuff up : D)

I was actually thinking of crossing it off my content calendar but y'all showed them some love in this post so I decided to post it anyway.

All you need to do is:
-Wrap the yarn around an item such as a book provided the item is the right length. I actually measured the book to see if it fit my desired length.

-Cut the yarn into two.

-Divide the yarn into two equal bundles.

-Loop each bundle through each hoop and Tue them off for the tassel effect, very close to the hoop.

And you're done!

Check out the video below to watch the whole process:

Easy peasy statement earrings.

Words and images by Ijenna.

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Cheers! xx


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  1. This is so easy! I might just try it out. How come no one thought of this???? Well done b.

  2. I cant believe how easy this is. I will certainly be trying it out. Nice