6 Simple But Life-changing Resolutions for 2018


Why do I feel that the best time to actually set resolutions is about two weeks into the New Year?
This is not rationalization, honestly.

I am of the opinion that setting goals or resolutions without getting a feel of the situation on ground is wishful thinking. Sort of like trying to design a house without getting the layout of the land, yes?

My resolutions this year (as opposed to last year's) are more personal and life-oriented, hope this makes sense.

As I mentioned on my last-minute self-reflection Instagram post, 2017 was a weird year for me. I actually considered quitting school (among other things) because everything was just getting overwhelming. Things got better towards the end and with that brief reprieve, I decided 2018 had to be much better. By fire by force.

As with all great things in life, I feel like the path to success is usually simple although not quite clear-cut. I've thought about this for sometime and I've found that these 6 simple actions could increase productivity and overall happiness with life.


-Eat more fruit: This is to build my immunity to avoid falling sick all the time.
Because I will always be stressed for some strange reason. Everytime I relax, life be like "oh, you thought that was all?!! Really?!!"
So basically, fruit increases your chances of being healthy and therefore more productive and happy.

-Wake up earlier: The reason I'm always late is because I try to fit too much in so little time so I'm thinking if I start my day earlier, I'll get more stuff done.
More work being done earlier means more time. to rest and actually have a life.

-Exercise more: I think this actually reduces stress and just makes one a healthier human being overall. So why not?

-Stay true to yourself: How do I even explain this? With so many distractions, one tends to veer off one's chosen course. Perseverance is the word of the year so stay on course, don't get distracted. Focus is key when building and living the life you want.

-Adopt a "joie de vivre" attitude: I'm slightly tired of being thought sad and down. Like, I'm happy on the inside, why can't that be enough?
 That said, I actually want to tackle life with enthusiasm as opposed to my usual indifference.
Seeing life as a great adventure actually increases the chances of it being seen as an adventure.

-Give more: This is very important to me. Towards the end of 2017, I realized just how much I had. I want to give more with the awareness that every little thing I can pitch in counts.
We all know there are problems in the world but only a few do something about it. Every little action counts, give people a little piece of happiness as much as you can.

What's your top priority resolution for 2018?

Mine would be my number 5 actually.

Words and images by Ijenna.

Be sure to watch the video below for a personal explanation of each resolution & the reason I don't set goals.

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Cheers! xx


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  1. Mine will be to be a better friend and better person in general tbh