DIY| Denim Tube Top From Trousers


I'm constantly thinking of ways to recycle and upcycle clothes so when the bestie was about to throw these pair of jeans away, the wheels started turning and here we are.

I've never really been a fan of tube tops (not as comfy as a baggy t-shirt) but I've found I'm partial to this denim one.

The procedure is sooooo ridiculously simple. All you literally need to do is cut off the legs of the trousers slightly above the crotch.

That's it.

Enjoy your new tube top and share this tutorial to all your friends (pretty please? Hit the share buttons down below!)

What is the simplest DIY you've undertaken so far?

PS: I'll be doing a how-to on stop motion in mid-October so stay tuned.

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Cheers! xx


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