Who's In The Garden? Cornucopia Blogger's Party


One of the perks of being a blogger, apart from attending events and having a swell time that is, would be discovering brands one would've not known otherwise.

On the 23rd of September, I attended the Cornucopian blogger's garden party and the first thing I noticed was the ambience. Awesome stuff.

I was about two hours late so I missed a lot of but at least made it in time to hear the story behind the brand, witness a treasure hunt (the treasure was found before I could even participate) and network with fellow bloggers.

I'm really not into beaded jewelry (not since 2013 at least) but even I found the pieces enchanting up close. The quality and craftsmanship were quite impressive.

The brand:

Cornucopia specializes in contemporary handcrafted jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones.

The story behind the brand is very inspiring actually and I learnt that one doesn't need to wait till everything is in place to follow one's dreams.

The CEO, Mrs Ambibola, started her business with 20,000 Naira, a dining table and dedicated passion. The brand is 10 years old and is flourishing today with a variety of customers.

One thing I noticed about the Cornucopian pieces was that each piece would stand the test of time which is an important factor to consider when making purchases.

And I'm not just referring to the quality. I mean the styles were classic, much like the way "sound of music" had lasted for generations.


Grace Gigi

The theme was floral (you know, garden party and all) but for some strange reason, all the floral pieces in my wardrobe were no where to be found. Really odd, seeing as in 2012 almost all my clothes had a floral pattern. I ended up going with monochrome because, when in doubt... (up in the blog soon)

Two words: Goody bag.

The cupcake was amazeballs, the nail polish is the exact shade I'd been looking for and the jewelry is quite dainty and in tune with my current style.

I had an awesome time even though I was late so I'm thinking I should attend more events in the future as opposed to holing up in school.

Check out Cornucopia and give them a follow on Instagram. Their shop is located at 58 Isaac John Street Ikeja GRA.

What do you think of the pieces? 

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