What I Wore: Clad in Plaid


It's back to school season so I put together a preppy look in tribute to all those times I had to wear ugly uniforms.

You know how you own a clothing item that becomes your favourite thing on and off? That's the relationship between this plaid skirt and I.

In rebellion to the stiff rules of school, I pushed the shirt back to serve some shoulders. This would've gotten me into serious trouble seeing as if so much as one button on your waist coat was unbuttoned, there would have been hell to pay.

Let's not even bring up the skirt length issue. Simply put, below the knee, or else...
Some girls' skirts were shorter of course. There will always be rule breakers. I just chose to be more... subtle in my rebellion. Far easier. Imagine having to talk your way out of a too-short skirt: I'm sorry...

-It shrank in the wash.
-I suddenly outgrew it.
-My baby brother just learnt to use scissors.
-My dog ate a chunk of the length.

Everything thrifted except:
-Shoes: New Look
-Socks: Aliexpress (can't remember the store)
-Necklace: Dresslily

How ugly was your school uniform? 

Be honest. Mine was so-so.

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. LOOOOOOL at "How ugly was your school uniform?"
    My first secondary school had the most hideous uniform on earth. Lime green and yellow. Disgusting. My second secondary school's uniform was cute but it never fit me right, I was such an awkward kid. Sigh.


    1. Same! But lime and yellow?!!! How could they?!!!