Wearing| An Androgynous Twist


There's almost nothing as interesting as a mix of things where the result is slightly complex and completely balanced.


Shirt: Calvin Klein
Tie: From Dad's wardrobe
Dress & Shoes: Thrifted
Glasses: Zaful

From the amount of stares I was getting on this day, it would be very stubborn of me to deny that this is an unusual outfit. With my uncombed hair ( 2 whole weeks!) and oversized top turned dress, it is as effortless as it looks.

Half and half, The top half making me look like a boy who decided to grow his hair out and the bottom half one of a lady, I quite like the juxtaposition.

Nothing makes a dress look as dressy (or quirky) as turning it into a pinafore by layering it on a shirt. I threw in the tie because it reminded of a time I used to rock ties, socks and blazers a lot without a care *ahem* dress codes *ahem*.

Mules, because prior to the time it became trendy, they were referred to as old lady shoes. With good reason too- a good combo of lady-like attributes and comfort with just a touch of quirky. I felt it would complement this look- and I was right. To my own way of thinking anyway.

Morale: Do the unexpected.

Ladies: Would you wear a tie?
Gentlemen: What distinctly female clothing article have you ever worn?

Leave a comment, I'd like to hear from you.

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