Trend Watch: Statement Earrings (DressLily Wishlist)


Trends change way too fast for my taste truth be told so I, therefore, don't hop on them fast enough but if there's one trend I've been loving lately, it's statement accessories. I've always been a fan of all things quirky, so that made me a perhaps a tad too enthusiastic about this.

I get questions on where I get my accessories, mostly rings, and dresslily is a cool site to get these stuff on the cheap (you know how we roll). All items except one (in the picture above) cost below $5. Can you guess which? I'm actually curious as to which earring looks most expensive. 

Without further ado;

1. Tassel Hustle

Shop the earrings: whiteredblack.

Whose on the tassel trend? *raises both hands* I love this trend so much and I've been seeing tassel earrings EVERYWHERE. I actually did a Tassel DIY but this was a tassel pendant. I say hustle because whilst pretty, they could be stressful for someone not particularly used to statement earrings. Ha ha.

2. The bold red lip

So quirky and fun, love it. Perfect for those days you'd love a bold red lip but just can't stand the though of one bit of make up on your face. anyone else have one of those days? No? Just me?

3. Cuff Stuff

If you're following me on Instagram (if you're not, do it NOW) you'd have noticed ear cuffs are my new thing. Love them so so much. This is one form of pretty that don't hurt.

4. Imaginary adventures

I told my friend to get me something from Paris (since she refused to let me hitch a ride in her suitcase) to bring me something from Paris. She brought back an Eiffel tower souvenir. At least one can look it and imagine taking an elevator ride in the tower and see the sights.

I know, I know, pretty hard to do when said tower(s) is dangling from your neck. But still, same concept applies, yes?

5. Tropical style

Shop the earrings: silvergreen & yellow

It's pineapple season yo! Represent your favourite fruit by proudly rocking them statement style! *rushes off to look for banana earrings*

5. Edgy statement

This one is for all the edgy girls out there. Notice how it would've been really creepy of it weren't for subtlety? Many fashionistas could take a page out of this book. 
PS: Mum, I know you're reading this and shivering all the same about "creeping and crawling things".

6. Triangular whirl

I know, this looks like someone literally took a piece of wire, bent it and ta-da! Earrings! Still cute though. It would probably be an awesome conversation starter.

8. The name above all

I love these. 'Nough said.

Now to the fun part,... Would you wear these?

In case you're confused, the first is a ring and the second is a pom-pom earring. Very weird to me. 

Would you ever rock these?
Didn't even have to ponder. Short answer: Never.

Some interesting(ly cheap) items:
-Similar version of the hat I wore in this post
-Similar version of the socks I wore in this post
-Similar version of the hair rings from this post
-Sweater dresses with a variety of styles

That's it guys!

Will you be hopping on the statement earring trend? 

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I know right? Trends change so quickly, it's actually annoying sometimes lmao. I'm so in love with statement earrings particularly tassel ones at the moment. They can really help elevate a simple outfit. I like when they make a statement without being too gaudy or flashy. The bold lip one and the pineapple one are really nice. And no, I don't think I see myself rocking the pom pom ones :)
    Coco Bella Blog