WEARING| The Colours Of Independence ft. O'milua


The colours of independence were bright, fierce and shone through the gloom of the previous years.

Outfit details

-Ankara two piece: O'milua
-Earrings: O'milua
-mules: thrift
-choker: random buy

Happy Independence Day fam!

This is going to be a very quick one.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be all white and green and so on but I thought... "why not try something different?"

Different colours and different styles, this is not my usual but I love it all the same so even though it doesn't particularly go with the Nigerian theme (Green and white like our flag colours), we'll go with it anyway.

How awesome is this O'milua two piece set though? Very stylish, very chic. I added my own twist with the matching tractor to give the look at the at rusty feel. All went well on this day, location, lighting, etc. so I would say the force was with me.

Lastly, cheers to the independent woman (or man) making her (or his) way in this tough world. You rock!

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PS: I'll be doing a how-to on stop motion in mid-October so stay tuned.

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Cheers! xx


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