I Stopped Exfoliating For A Week And Here's What Happened


If there's a story I'll never get tired of telling, it's my long term acne struggle story.

"It's just hormones" they said. "It'll clear up eventually" they said. When I turned 20, I realized teenage acne had transitioned to adult acne *shivers*. It was then I knew I needed to form an action plan and exfoliating was a very big aspect of that.

Caption: My skin in all it's imperfect glory after a week sans exfoliation.
When I was still frantically doing research on how to get rid of acne, I read a  lot of articles that advised exfoliating at least twice a week. At first I ignored this crucial part of skincare and went about looking for faster curative measures. Little did I know.

As I mentioned in this post, the key to success is planning and the then the proper execution of that plan which would eventually involve a routine. My acne got way better this year, which means it took me 9 years to figure this out. Way too long if you ask me.

-Another acne-related post:

So this past week, I wanted to see if my theory was correct so I went a full week without exfoliating. Se the white heads in the picture above? Not pretty at all. The key to getting rid of acne is finding the cause and killing it. I came up with a theory:

-If I can keep my face oil and dirt free most of the time, my acne with cease to exist.

This theory has been officially tried and tested. In the week I stopped exfoliating, I continued using my other products and the acne came back, but not in full force as you can see. 

It's kind of like fire triangle where one element has to be cut off for the fire die. Our triangle here would be oil-free + dirt-free + consistency. Do these three things and you're acne would most likely cease, depending on the cause, of course.

There, the results of this experiment hammers on the importance of exfoliation. Do not go without, acne or no. 

How often do you exfoliate? 

I exfoliate almost everyday but mildly so as not to cause damage.

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  1. Would have loved to see you mention what exfoliate you use. I agree that exfoliating is super important

    Cassie Daves Blog
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    1. Hey Cassie, I use the body & bath ph balance scrub twice a week or so and I use a thirsty towel when cleansing. The threads sort of act like the micro balls in a typical scrub.

  2. I Exfoliate twice in a week when I'm not rushing and spending less than 5mins bathing because lateness lol. When I started exfoliating, it felt so good likee what have I been missing!? lol. Exfoliating is key.
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  3. I tell people...... Even if you don't cleanse and tone... Biko bikonu exfoliate ooo.. You don't know what you're doing to your skin when you don't.. No flawlessness!!!

    Now you've given me an idea of a new beauty talk series post to do on my blog... Would definitely link back to yours.. If you don't mind

  4. I only just started being disciplined at exfoliating. Not the once in a month thing i've been used to doing. I haven't seen much changes though, but since it's just been a month of consistency, I'll try to be calm. The good thing is my face always feels fresh and clean when i get done exfoliating