DIY: How To Transform Your Bag From Drab To Fab


My titles amuse even me these days.

I recently went thrifting and was on the hunt for something to transform and I stumbled on this bag that I actually thought was black.

We'll be giving this bag a total 360. I must confess, I wasn't quite sure it'd turn out okay. You can watch the video at the end of the video to view the level of my uncertainty. LOL.

So all I basically did was spray paint the bag.

I got this for about 700Naira in the colour white. It has sort of an oily finish which was perfect for this experiment.

And that's it!

Couple of tips, be sure to clean your bag surface properly. Also spray in layers. Five thin layers is far better than one heavy layer. Or so the manufacturer's claim.

Watch the video below to view the process from start to finish:

Would you like more spray paint DIYs?

So much stuff one could do with this ish

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  1. I should try out this diy, I've got a few handbags that need a revamp!


    1. You definitely should!Thanks for stopping by!<3