What I Wore: Nailing It Romper Style


I sometimes stare into space and wonder about the oddest things, one of which is why a romper is called a romper.

Don't judge me.

With the emergence of the male romper trend, it's fair to say that I now find this clothing article a little weird. It's basically a onesie. A short onesie.

Now, wrap your head around that.

I'm probably not making any sense, but humour me. The above mentioned trend just shows that gender fluidity is really catching on. Think about it, rompers aren't exactly the epitome of masculinity yet several "masculine" men have been seen sporting this trend (throw your effeminate jokes in a dark, dark cave).

I'm not gender obsessed. This is probably my mum's fault. Her Ph. D thesis is based on portrait of fatherhood and masculinities and what with constantly reading her work, I grudgingly took an interest.


-Romper: Gifted
-Shoes: Thrifted
-Backpack: Dresslily
-Choker: Shop Lurve Davies

I wore this outfit to the Bibi's Grillhouse blogger taster. You could watch the video below:

How do you feel about the Male Romper trend and rompers in general?

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Male romper trend, oh no don't remind me of that. This look and outfit is nice, lovely colour that suits you well. Warm greetings and do stop by when you can!

  2. Male romper issa no for me, I can't even. Love the whole cool vibe of the outfit.

  3. I love everything about this look! From the hair to the shoes, love it all. Nice one...xxx