Event Review: Bibi's Grillhouse Blogger Taster


There is an age-old formula that has been proven over and over again:

Bloggers + Food = Awesome.

Scratch that. Simply put,  Food = Awesome.

On the 21st of may, I attended a blogger taster hosted by The Blogger Point bloggers agency and Bibi's Grillhouse at Maryland Mall, Ikeja, Lagos.

I attended the event with Seyi, (so there's a video at the end of this post)  a blogger buddy and we had great fun.

It was a blogger taster (strictly by invitation) so I was quite pleased to see other blogger buddies. It was nice catching up with them seeing as I've been off the grid (more of that in future posts)

Granted, great company makes almost everything better but the food was actually quite good. I went with the fail-proof chicken and chips combo and it was quite bomb. Beat my favourite fast food joint right there. Seyi went with Boli (roasted plantain) and fish. The plantain was just how I like it- Soft (but not soggy) and ripe.

The prices were quite affordable too. My meal cost 1,200 Naira so it was well worth it.

I see myself going back there when I have the time to hangout. For a more lively account of the event, watch the video below:

Which is your favourite- Fast food or Fine Dining? (state your reasons)

I'll go first, fast food. I love the relaxed, calm atmosphere as opposed to the glamour of fine dining.

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