Out with the bloggers: How To Have Fun At The Beach


I am by no means a beach person. I really don't see the point of going to a place where there's an endless supply of sand and raging sun.

Needless to say, I especially don't understand why Nigerians get excited about going to the beach. We get enough sun and sand already in our day to day lives, yes?

And yet, here I am jumping for joy. Oh, the irony.

Last month, before I resumed blogging, I went to the beach with a couple of bloggers. It was suprisingly quite fun. To be honest, I went primarily so I could make video content for my you tube channel (subscribe here  ; ).

The hangout was organized by Out With The Bloggers (check out their Instagram) and included a boat ride to the beach and back.

That had to be my favourite part. After I got over my fear of course.

We went to Takwa Bay "The safest beach in Lagos". This hangout gave me insight as to  why people love the beach so much and what I've been doing wrong all along. Here's how to have fun at the beach:

1. But first, a fun mind

I've learnt that you can have fun doing almost anything as long as it doesn't include a painful or an unpleasant event. In my case, poetry for instance. I just can't...

It's all about conditioning your mind. That been said, my first tip is to keep an open mind.

2. Fun and games

It's not enough to take a beach blanket and just lie in the sun. That gets old pretty fast, yes? Come up with cool games you could play with your friends or stick to the classics, for example, charades. Always a good idea.

3. The more, the merrier.

The more people you go with, the more fun you'll have. They're directly proportional. I'm still not exactly sure how it works, but there you have it. If you can prove this formula, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

4. F is for food. Fun = Food

Food just has a way of making people happy. We stress eat and fun eat. So be sure to stock up on food before or when you get to the beach. Sun and hunger do not mix well.

5. Funtagious

Fun is contagious. Whenever I go to one of those places or events one is supposed to have fun at but feel boredom creeping in, I just watch people. 

When I see someone thoroughly enjoying themselves, I unconsciously start smiling. 

6. Nostalgic fun

If all fails, take out your camera and snap away. Capture moments, things that catch your eye, take snapchat selfies and make cool boomerangs.

I promise, tomorrow you'll be looking at those pictures thinking "Wow! I had a lot of fun yesterday".

Even if you didn't.

Watch the video below of the highlights of the hangout. If you enjoy the video, be sure to leave a comment, share, like and subscribe.

Hope you enjoyed this post? I had fun writing it and now, I'll probably cringe everytime I hear the word "fun" for the next two weeks. Nevertheless,...

What do you do for fun? 

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I'm such a beach girl!!! The sun, the sand, the clean air, the beautiful water! What's not to love??? Well you clearly had fun and that's all that matters. You look great..xxx