Style Haul: 12 Things I'm Loving Lately ( Zaful, DressLily & Accessories Mall)


I changed my Instagram bio a while ago to "Basic, not Boring". It might seem kinda lame but I felt this basically described me (pun intended). I like what I like and I stick to the selected few. Once in a while, I might develop  a new fave but I'm all about the basics.

So therefore, do not be surprised (or alarmed) when you see a lot of repetitions in this haul post. I was coherent while ordering about 100 chokers and a thousand rings.

Ha ha. Jk.

We'll begin this post by defining a style haul. It revolves around two ideas.

Firstly, the person must have shopped quite a bit (5 items is a good minimum) and secondly they must be willing to show it all off. So therefore, prepare yourself. This is going to be a loaded post.

Three online stores (ZafulDressLily, and AccessoriesMall) gifted me some items so I thought it the perfect opportunity to do my first haul post.


- The backpack:

I've been slightly obsessed with backpacks for a while now and I love love love this one from DressLily. It's black and made up of a faux suede material and I really like the fringe detail. The finishing could use some improvement but... love it all the same.

- The Mini Bag:

The mini beauty from Zaful, is my only trendy, statement item. With it's studs and embroidery, it's quite busy and usually something I would stay away from. Somehow, it works with me although, I've had some difficulties styling it but I don't think I did too badly here.


Something about these glasses make me feel really bad ass, you know? Got them from Zaful.


I got just four. Just.

These were three in a set, similar here, from DressLily.

Most people are probably over the wide choker trend but I'm just getting started yo. This is from Zaful.

And finally, this slightly creepy necklace from AccessoriesMall . A friend told me it looks like bunch of limbs tied on a string. Yup. I've got friends as weird as me.


I love the plunging neckline, fabric and hi-low cut, similar here. I never rocked the hi-low trend though. Another friend thought this looked like a Kaftan. Hrmph.


Aren't we?!! 

I have come to the conclusion that I only like black or grey watches. This colour is cool though. This is from Zaful.


I have wanted creepers for the longest time and finally! I heart the fringe detailing. Got this from DressLily. 



This is from AccessoriesMall, you can never go wrong with silver.


These rings are from AccessoriesMall, Zaful, and DressLily. You can get them here, here, here and here.  

Thank you so much for making it thus far. We got through about 18 pictures together! This is my first time doing this type of post so I'll love to know your thoughts.

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P.S: You see how I just popped it, did a post and established a rapport like I haven't not posted on my blog since February? Let's just roll with it. *kisses*

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  1. Good post. The accessories are my favourite especially the rings and choker so pretty.

  2. Well done on the video!

    I like the dress and the necklace your friend described as limbs.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Love the video! What editing software did you use please?