DIY: How To Turn an Oversized T-shirt To a Top and Skirt (Two-piece set)


Transformation DIYs are always fun to undertake and using a t-shirt is always a good idea. I realized that other than this tutorial, where I turned a basic t-shirt to a cut-out crop top, I have done any T-shirt DIY.

This tutorial is in video form but I'll write down the directions which comprises three simple steps. To see the process, watch the video below.

Materials Needed:

-Thread and needle
-Elastic band
-Tailors chalk (or anything to mark the t-shirt)
-Glue (not necessary)


Step 1: To get the top

Cut the t-shirt into two, using your preferred length. I went with about 12 inches. Unless the t-shirt is very big, the likelihood of it turning into a crop top is very high.

Pin meeeeeee

Step 2: Starting on the skirt.

The first thing is two make four pleats, two at the back and to at the front by folding the fabric over then securing with pins. Take your time with part. Imperfections here may make the DIY turn out bad.

Step 3: Attach the elastic

This is where the glue comes in. Fold the fabric over the elastic and sew it down. I tried to save some length so I didn't fold it all the way. I sewed down some parts and glued the rest to tidy things up.


You have your two-piece set ready to go.


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