What I Wore: Gender Fluidity with Adedokun Tomiwa


With the rise of human rights and freedom of expression, quite a number of issues have come to light. I never knew of the existence of the non-binary gender, agender and the  gender fluid until this year. Since I did, I've found my self very intrigued and it all started with Instagram.

Probably not in the way you're thinking though. No, I didn't see any poster of awareness or anything of that sort. I simply stumbled on a page called "gender fluid me". I was very intrigued, I tell you. I clicked on picture after picture, trying to figure out if the person was male or female. Till now I have no idea. It was what triggered me to research this gender thing.

According to Gender diversity, Gender fluidity conveys a wide, flexible range of gender expression with interests that may even change from day to day. Gender fluid people do not feel confined by restrictive boundaries of stereotypical expectations of women and men. 

I read articles which talked about real people and the concept of gender fluidity. In one particularly, there was a girl who would feel ultra feminine on some days and others days, would feel gender Dysphoria at the thought of wearing a skirt. Gender Dysphoria is basically when a person feels discomfort because there's a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity.

Genderqueer is a term that is growing in usage, representing a blurring of lines surrounding society's rigid views of gender identity. We are, as many of y'all may have noticed, a genderqueer generation. I actually don't have rigid views on the matter but I find it very interesting. 

Tomiwa and I decided on this theme and basically switched roles, but not fully. I'm wearing a cropped shirt and very feminine shoes (they're sling-backs) while he's still wearing the typical male attire with a lot of colour, unisex shoes and interesting choice of jewellry. Check out his blog here, I absolutely love his style!

On to my outfit, the top is thrifted, the shorts and belt are from Dressfo, shoes are thrifted (talked about them here), Blazer is from my mum and I first rocked it here.

Fashion is not just about putting on nice clothes, it's also about self-expression. Many stories have been told through fashion you just may not realize it. 

Every outfit tells a story, no matter boring.

What is your opinion on the Non-binary, agender and the gender fluid topic? 

Please leave a comment, I'd love to know your thoughts!

PS. Don't forget to check out Tomiwa's post here to learn his thoughts on the concept. 

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  1. Wait, that's a short?I actually thought it was a dress at first look. Love your fro and the blazer. In my opinion,based on this post, gender fluid people could be cool as they do not allow the society's expectation from their gender determine who they really are.(dont know if you get that tho),but I think it can get to the extreme, for example, a woman not being able to take care of the home or a man not being able to pray well.


    1. They're actually shorts! It occured to me, after looking at the pictures that it's not very obvious.

      Thanks for your opinions, Doyin!

  2. No comments, I have to go and read about this. Never knew something like gender fluidity existed. Be right back.


  3. Can I just say I love this post. Alot of people have odd ideas about gender identity and roles, like a Man get married, have children, get a job and die, a woman get a husband before your time is up, have kids take care of the house etc regardless of how that person feels about that gender role, its really annoying especially for free spirited effeminate men like me, I have heard all the jibes people say and trust me they aren't funny, the effemininophobia and all is real (wrote a post about this) and sometimes when I come to dressing up, you feel disconnected with what you are wearing because it doesn't express what you really are inside, maybe you don't wanna female clothes but softer fabric and more colourful stuff like that.. Anyways, I love your outfit... It's littttt

    1. Thanks Vincent!

      Like one of my favourite you tuber would say, do you boo!

  4. I really love your hair! It's so cute.. Making me jealous. Lol. And of course the whole outfit.
    Life Lately

    1. Thank you!
      With all the natural hair youtubers out there, I can sincerely say I know how you feel!

  5. This topic is quite intriguing. It's one I've bee experimenting on for a while. I love what you did with the outfit and the trench coat gave it a superb kill.


    1. Thank you Collins!

      My mum apparently has good taste!

  6. Love this photo set, the androgynous look suits you really well
    I always see talks of gender fluidity on twitter but i never pay attention to it
    I'll go check out the instagram you mentioned

    1. Thanks Mide!

      May be I should incorporate the androgyny vibe into my wardrobe? That was my style actually, once upon a time, but it was just a passing phase.

  7. Love the whole theme!