5 Reasons I Hate MakeUp


Hi guys!

I seem to be on a roll with these list-type posts.

To be honest, I had to idea what to blog about until about 11am this morning. I was at a fashion campaign shoot and it came to me- makeup is sooo annoying. Here's why:

1. Stains. Every. Where.

It really pisses me off.

You're about to leave your house after getting all dressed, looking all fly and stuff when you look down and oops. 

Lipstick from your lips to your face to your hands somehow got to your skirt and you're now questioning the whole point of even stepping out of the house.

Still don't get it? 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 2. I just can't seem to master the art.

On a fairly good day, the brows come out great, eyeliner so sharp and straight, eye shadow well blended, you know. But on those other days, eek.

I just be here wondering why my eyeliner be looking like horns. Or why oh why do my eyes look like I've gotten a serious beating? On top eyeshadow (because of eyeshadow). Sigh. *cleans makeup* *embraces the bare-faced look*

Exhibit A:

3. Takes way too much time.

So here's a story: I was watching Berry Dakara's vlog about a month ago and she and her sister were doing a 5 minute makeup challenge. I was all "I can totally do this!" "It wouldn't even take me this long!" And then my friend said let's do it. I'm like yes!

I failed. Woefully! But it's alright because I at least did better than Berry and her sister.

Exhibit A:

4. Quality is too expensive.

I love the Zaron matte powder. It's seriously bae. But 4,500naira?!? That's the price of a pair of shoes or clothing item. And there's so much to invest in: 

- Brow pencil
-Brow filler
-Brow gel
-Face primer
-Lip pencils in different shades

... Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!
But really, who else misses the eyeliner and lipstick days?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Damn straight!
 Exhibit C:

Last one:

5. And when the art isn't mastered to a degree

*Facepalms and simultaneously shakes head*

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

 When it comes to makeup, it's better to never fail than actually try and end up failing.

Enough said.

Pin this image preeeeeety please?
 Makeup is fun though! And it's interesting to see how makeup can really transform an outfit because in all honesty, I use makeup as an accessory.

What's your favourite makeup item? 

I'll go first- Eyeliner! You probably already knew that. Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Hahahaha. i share many of your feelings! Wrote about it in the post below (and we even used the same photo). Apart from staining clothes, I wonder if it's just me - but I get stains on my books and papers too. Arggh.

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    The 6 Makeup Questions That Keep Us All Awake At Night

    1. Like minds!!!

      I get stains on my books too! lol

  2. I love all the images. The ones on eyeliners are epic. Okay, so makeup isn't my calling. I'm a powder, lipstick and mascara girl. Nothing more, nothing less. Once in a blue moon I use foundation. I intend to learn the eyeliner thingy soon tho. I think it's really cute and it gives ones face a pleasant pop. My least favourite thing has to be how time consuming it seems but it does transform in a cute, maybe scary way. My Favourite makeup item is lipstick. It's like the only one I spend my money on. Enjoyed reading this.
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    1. Glad you enjoyed!

      I understand the lipstick love. It automatically makes one look like one put a lot of effort.

      The transformation thing though! It's low-key scary!

  3. My favorite is red lipstick, it saves me every time. At church though, I carry my 13 month old niece who thinks my lips always look pretty. Without fail, I look in the mirror after leaving church and I notice she has smeared it elsewhere on my face! Everytime. Lol!!!!!
    Sometimes though, I don't care, I wear vaseline lip therapy, brush my brows and go out. It's the best.

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    1. I mostly just draw a wing and I'm out, nothing else. Red lipstick is nice for those dressy days though and I really like the way red lipstick looks on you. Can't fault your niece.

  4. I really laughed out loud. This was a nice read. That eyeliner thing eh. The only day I try to put on real good makeup is on Sunday.As for others I just try when I can. How expensive makeup is marvels me most. One small tube and you'll hear 5k. Never!

    1. Happy you enjoyed this post!

      Ikr!! Never say never though. I'm actually contemplating buying a highlighter.

  5. Hahahah...I can so relate. I used to looooove makeup that was before the highlighting and contoriong era. Now its expensive and it takes time. I can spend like 30 minutes just trying to perfect brows soooo annoying and then after all that time the thing wouldn't even be equal :'(
    Favorite make-up item has to be Lipsticks, Im such a collector :D

    1. Funny, I only have bright red, nude, brown, burgundy and dark purple. What other colours are there though? Can't think of any right now.

  6. As if life isn't enough of a struggle already...
    And with me almost always rushing out of the house in the morning; I stay in my lane, and leave the makeup in hers.
    But my favorite makeup item- definitely lipstick! I believe it is the most friendly and life-saving makeup item there is.

    1. Lipstick for the win then. Was legit expecting the comments to be full of eyeliner lovers.

      The rushing out of the house thing is so me! lol!

  7. Dramatic much! I see it this way- If you know how to do makeup, kudos to you. If you don't, please stay clear. If you love makeup but you know you can't do it, practice in private Biko. Also, if you don't have money, improvise or just stick to your budget. And finally, sister, it's not everywhere you do a thorough face beat to. You can't be carrying bridal makeup when you're going to the supermarket on your street. I love make up but I don't do it when I don't need to. Osuji, you need to chill. Lol


    1. This bridal make up thing ehn. The way I see it, I'm might end up being a really very plain bride.

      "Practice in private biko" I totally second this!

  8. hahahahahahaah I loved reading this, it is so damn true. I sweat like a Christmas goat, make up is a no no for me if i know theres no AC where im going. We all have this love and hate relationship with make up.


    1. That used to be my policy too but these days, I wear it anyway. I just make sure to carry a hand fan and/or tissue, just in case.

      "We all have this love and hate relationship with make up" My feelings in a nutshell!

  9. You talk true, I swear down, chai!!!, days of blending nko, me o just jejely go and wash the make up off ooo, because a don't like a non perfect make up.