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I'm pretty sure there's that one clothing article in your wardrobe that you find yourself wearing over and over. And over. Every single time you're at a loss on what to wear, you pick that item up. Feel the need to dress for comfort? That same piece.

Am I right?

Mine's this floral dress with a sweetheart neckline that I've worn here and here and here and here. And now, here. I love the colour and I'm florally obsessed so it's a very good fit.

This was an impromptu shoot (my fave kind) and I'm thinking of doing more of those.  When I plan shoots and agonize over every detail, chances are, that shoot gets postponed.

I was definitely feeling funky. I think it was the glasses. Definitely my current fave. Loving my hair too though. I'll writing a post soon on how things have changed since went natural so stay tuned : )

To be honest, the way I dress up is this: I just throw on whatever is ironed and seems appropriate enough and it usually comes out okay I think. That's the advantage of having a wardrobe that consists of only clothes that blend with your style.

What's your go-to Clothing item?

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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Wishing you a great week ahead, Cheers!xx

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  1. She slays.. She slays.. All day... Lols.. Love the combo and yeah it comes out awesome!!! I think my go to outfit, is my pair of short shorts, which I hardly ever take a picture in, but Amma change that soon.. If it isn't the short then it's my all time favorite dark jeans which I take way too many pictures in.. Lol.


    1. Lol, most people who wear jeans can't live without them.

      Thanks vincent!

  2. I have a black top that is sooo tired of me. Best part is it doesnt need ironing and yes I agree with you that unplanned shoots are the best cos I suffer the fste of cancelling when I plan and plan.

    An Attitude Of Gratitude X Trying Out New Things

    1. Ikr!!! My new mantra should be "Don't overthink it".

      P.S: We all have *that* black top : D

  3. The dress is really pretty. I don't think I have a particular go-to dress rather my go to dresses would definitely be something that doesn't need ironing ��

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing this informative post with us.Hi, thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  5. I love that dress, it is really pretty and looks good on you. Great post Ijenna! xx