What I Wore: Gtbank Fashion Weekend | Event recap


Hi guys!

So two weekends ago, I attended day 2 of the  Gtbank fshion wknd with the bestie (who basically dragged me there in my opinion) and this is what I wore:

I've been loving neutral outfits these days, it's just sad that I have way too many dark clothes to pull off this trend often.

On to the recap, there is no recap. What I have, is a story:

Lately, I've been a housie. Or homie?

Why did I just type lately? I've always preferred staying home to going anywhere (unless there's food involved ofcourse). It's part of the reason I didn't attend Lagos Fashion and Design week, I've been getting JOMO vibes. As in the "Joy Of Missing Out".

Anyways, the bestie and I agreed to meet there, saying we'd leave our houses by 3pm since the event would start by 7pm or so. By three, while laying on my bed, I was already convinced I was going nowhere and was already typing this message "Nah fam. Don't think I'll be making it." when she sent a message promptly informing me that she was already made up and I should get up, dress up and leave my house.

I almost got lost (again) but Seyi (the bestie) to the rescue. I really need to switch to team Uber but their prices are just too high. I could spend that money on clothes and shoes, ypu know?

So we got there and I saw a lot of people I knew which made for a better experience than sulking in a corner. A far cry from last year, I tell you.

We took pictures of our outfits, chatted with people we bumped into then decided to go inside since the show was about to start. Then...

We walked into the building and we saw a line. Like, a really long line. We were confused so we decided to ask someone (hey Cassie!) What was going on and we found that it was the line to actually enter the show. Nuh uh.

I decided I wasn't waiting and Seyi said she wanted to leave but insisted we should walk around first. 10 minutes later, I was bored and craving my bed more by the second. Seyi had also had enough so we decided to leave.

The next day, I saw pictures of how epic the show was and awesome reviews of the show. Sigh. Is it weird that I feel not an ounce of regret that I left?


And that Ladies and gentlemen, is How To (Not) Attend a Fashion Show.

Thoughts on this story? Am I the only one feeling all "JOMO"? 

Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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P.S: I updated my about page.

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  1. Love your skirt and your natural look.. Few months back was thinking I should go this way but I thought people would mistake me for a secondary school student cos I am naturally small, na d hair de give me mature look...lol...


    1. I getchu. I look really tiny with my hair too. If you could balance your look out with a sexier (more "mature") sort of makeup or maybe even your outfit, you should be fine.

      But I say rock it either ways. I'm sure it'll look great!

  2. You ladies are cuutee. Your hair suits you and your story sounds like something I'd do. Just go back home after pictures have been taken. Totally me. Love your outfit.
    Laitanbee Blog

  3. Here I am on the other side of the country crying out my heart cause I don't get to go these shows and you don't even care for them.... Lol... You guys looked pretty, the dresses and the hair awesome!!!!

    1. Thanks Vincent!

      Oh I care for them. But these days, I just don't like the thought of having to leave my house. When I get to the shows, I have quite a bit of fun.

  4. nice
    i nominated you for the mystery blogger award