6 Lessons Learnt in October | Monthly Recap


Happy new month guys!

Quick recap first:

I finished my exams a few days ago, so I'm officially in my third year of studying physiotherapy now. I'm not going to lie, this year has been a challenging one. I have grown, developed a new skill, and had myself pushed to the limit.

I always knew multi-tasking wasn't my strong suit and yet this year, I have found myself juggling a lot of things and trying to make sure nothing drops. Three days ago, I felt defeated (that's why this post was kind of late). I felt like I wasn't doing a very good job of everything I was doing. I guess I was just scared of failure (I'm starting to think I have a real phobia).

I felt this way throughout October when I was writing my exams and if I'm honest, that's how I've been feeling all year. No, this isn't me whining. I am indeed grateful for how far I've come.

This post is mainly about lessons I learnt in the last month but also highlights the things I've learnt in general this year.

1. Determination is the best form of motivation.

So many times in October, I felt like quitting. I was unmotivated and tired and felt like I needed a break. But I was determined to succeed and that was what drove me. Made me keep studying when all I wanted to do was sleep. Made me type posts and come up with post ideas when I felt like I needed a break.

But best of all, determination is a positive driver. Unlike useless emotions, like say, Jealousy.

2. Envy makes one delusional.

The most common form being social media envy.

The thing most people fail to realize is that on social media, everyone puts their best foot forward, as should be the case. Whilst it might trouble you that their best foot is far superior to yours, remember that rich people pay higher taxes.

No, really. They might seem like everything might be going fine but you don't know their struggles. Be content with your foot because you're not getting the full story. Social media is make-believe.

Which makes the people who are actually living the real fantasy life lucky, eh?

3. I'm the easiest person to charm.

One word, Ice-cream.

Just kidding. It's probably two words but you know, let's not ruin it.

I've learnt that when I meet people, they make a certain impression on me which leads to the first layer of my opinions of them. As I communicate more with them, more layers form. I've found that I'm generally unassuming and I sincerely thought this was because I was indifferent to most people.

This month, I realized I like to give people the benefit if the doubt. I don't dislike people based on hearsay and hardly judge them for choices. It was refreshing to know this about myself. Still in the process of soul searching though.

4. On the concept of being misunderstood

I once heard a saying that no one is misunderstood, that that's just what people say when they don't like themselves. 

I've always pondered the credibility of that statement.

I feel like people are misunderstood because they act mostly based on standards alien to other people. Their decisions, thoughts & reactions aren't typical and don't fit into any of the standard expectations and people just don't get that.

So the "misunderstood" ones try their best to fit in. Some succeed. Some don't. I fall into the latter group with no regrets whatsoever. The truth is, the reason one might label me "misunderstood" is because I don't care about fitting in. At least not anymore. 

There is a time in one's life when the pressure of being disliked weighs heavily on one, and I was honestly tired of feeling left out. I tried fitting in, ko le werk, and just let it go.

However, most people who claim other people are misunderstood? Yea, they're probably just making excuses for the people they love. The keyword in that statement being "most".

But what if the person you love is yourself? 

Thought provoking isn't it?

5. Friendships should have a deeper meaning.

It would seem weird but I can count my friends, true friends, on one hand. There are, of course, many disadvantages to this but I rather like things that way.

Because friendship should have a deeper meaning than clothes, money, men, shopping, gossip, and so on.

It came to my attention recently (February this year actually) that at my stage and age, most friendships are tied to these things. I can to talk to just about anybody on any of the topics above. It's not hard to find someone in similar shoes and/or grievances.

There's a saying, "Friendship is the freedom to express oneself without the fear of being ridiculed or misjudged". Whilst that might seem like a simple statement, it carries a lot of meaning to me.

Loyalty. Tolerance. Acceptance. Knowledge. 

So I really don't understand how the term "Frenemy" even works out. Friendship is a relationship, and one I take seriously. I would do everything in my power to help my friend if he/she just asked me to. Helping the person is a relative term of course, being what's best for the person. 

Most people just want gossip partners. Which I think is quite sad because after family comes friendship. And in some rare cases, before family. 

6. Fear is a good thing.

Better believe it.

Fear is an inbuilt radar that's supposed to make us careful lest we feel invincible. It's usually a sign that something could go wrong. 

The problem therefore, lies in the person who is scared, in the form of cowardice. To quote one of my favourite movies, "Courage is not the absence of fear but the knowledge that something else is importance".

Am I saying fear of failure is a bad thing? Not necessarily. As long as you're channelling it in the right direction- making sure you succeed.

What did you learn in October?

I honestly intended this to be a light-hearted post but I wrote straight from the heart which apparently isn't so light at the moment. I guess you could say I'm feeling thoughtful.

What are your thoughts on my lessons learnt? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Sighs* where do I even begin... So true!!! Envy really is a terrible emotion especially the social media thing...and the truth is envy really makes your psyche weak, and vulnerable, i should know.. Been there done that... Lol about that rich people pay higher tax though....Truth is October was mostly a filler month for me unfortunately, I just wanted to get over with so I can get to November

    1. Hey Vincent!

      October was terrifying for me but was mostly filler too, nothing happened other than exams. I can't tell you how glad I am to be in November.

  2. I love love all your lessons. So simple and yet deep. Hope your exams went well. Happy New Month. xxx
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  3. I like this post. Wrote on social media envy on the blog last month and it was really popular. We need to realise that people often show their best parts. And I really don't get the term 'Frenemy'. Friendship to me is pretty deep. Don't let the fear of failure get to you. I know how you may feel, but it's not worth it!!

    pS: i really like the design of the poster!


    1. Thanks Kachee!

      I really appreciate everytime you take time out to leave a comment. Thank you so much.