What We Wore: Florals at The Blogger Point Brunch With Wumi Tuase of TANG.


I have quickly learnt that the best place and time for bloggers to do style collaborarions are at events. There, we would already be dressed, on location and shoot ready.

On the 20th of August, the Blogger Point hosted their first bloggers brunch in Lagos and Wumi and I attended along with other awesome people like Grace Gigi, Seyi Adenowo, Tonye Igbani, Moji Ajibona, and Praise Abu to name a few.

We were both wearing floral print coincidentally in black and white so... why not?
If you read my blog resolutions for 2016, you'd have an idea how happy I am that I'm actually collaborating and connecting with bloggers. I just re-read the post and I have to say: so far so good. I'll probably do a follow up post this year.  

Wumi's blog and style is very inspiring and I love her fun, laid-back and very real personality. She also has an online thrift shop with epic clothes and accessories, @thethriftstoreng, and y'all know how much I love frugal, quality prices.

So about the brunch, I was mostly outside, trying my hand at street style photography so I didn't really experience the beginning. I got some cool pictures though so if you're sure I took a picture of you and you would like to have it, drop your email in the comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I eventually got in and there were a lot of fun conversations going on while  bloggers mingled and chatted. I particularly enjoyed when Noble Igwe told us his success story (with a lot of good jokes slotted in). 

It made me re-evaluate my plans and assured me I was on the right track by taking risks and just generally doing things that make me scared.

Pin this, pretty please?

I'm wearing nude heels( from Nine West), a vintage-y button down dress (thrifted), a choker with my hair pulled up weirdly because my hair got scattered by the wind on the way to the brunch. Oh and is that an anklet I see? *squints* oh well. Was feeling experiment-y that day.

I love how Wumi paired her kimono and jeans combo with a visor hat. I've been thinking about getting one of those. 

This collaboration made me happy and I love how the pictures turned out. A big shout out to Seyi (for taking some of these pictures under pressure) and Grace (for humoring us by taking pictures even though you were feeling down).

I'm slightly excited about the next photography post (coming up on the 18th). It will be on "how to edit your Instagram pictures to perfection" featuring what apps to use, how to theme your Instagram and a step by step tutorial on how I edit my Instagram pictures. You can check out my page here.

Who's excited?

Oh and I'm sorry. There might be no DIYs this month. I promise to do better when school is over. I'm already planning DIYs that I'm sure you guys will love.

Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest and Twitter, let's connect!

Cheers! xx

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  1. You Girls look amazinggg.


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kachee! Apparently, the camera really is my friend. I wasn't feeling fresh that day o.

  3. Love these outfits! I can't wait to go to events like these :D


    1. Thanks Sasha! And I know the feeling. I get excited at the thought of going to events like this, meeting people in real life and stuff. (emphasis on "thought" though. When the events come around, I get slightly nervous.)

  4. Blog collaborations are always a good idea, and both of you look gorgeous!


  5. Replies
    1. Why, thank you! A creative turn of events and sturvz.

  6. I want your glasses!!!


  7. You both look so good! Love your vintage dress and Wunmi's kimono. Great pictures. xx

  8. You both look great and i love that the anklet.
    I want your shoes. I don't think I owe any heels in that colour, Oya come and donate this one.
    My Style Look book Series

    1. Donate ko. After telling you I needed more shoes.

      Oh and thanks. I wasn't to sure about the anklet but Eh. Anyhow.

  9. You SLAYED that last pose!!!!! As in, SLAYED, BURIED, RESURRECTED AND RE-SLAYED!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  10. Yaaay. You girls look amazing. Ahan slow it down ooo.

    A Different Kind Of Love

  11. I LOVE your gown! So 'vintagey' and beautiful. You both look absolutely gorgeous and I like how you added colours to the outfit with your purses. Totally slayed!