What I Wore: Urban Vibes


Hello people!

Feels like forever since a (personal) outfit post, yes?

So I've noticed that as trap music continues to reign, there has been a significant increase in urban outfits and fashion.

So guess who decided to jump on the trend? Yours truly?
Nah. Not really.

I've had a serious thing for hats for a while (as you'll see here and here) because:

a. Effective bad hair day (or week) solution
b. Adds funk to an otherwise drab outfit
c. Tilts an outfit to almost any style the hat represents. Like so:

Do you remember this dress from this post? I just wore the grey t-shirt on the dress. Threw the shoes in (how cute are they though? Got them at a frugal price I can't remember) put on this beautiful hat (cap?) and voila! Urban *pause* ish.

Little to no accessories because *shrugs*. I'm just not into accessories as much these days. Except glasses though. Love them.

You could get the hat via Instagram here  . Do you love the hat? Jesus is the Message.

Because dresses with pockets make me happy ❤

So people! Follow my blog on Pinterest, GFC (in the sidebar), Instagram, Bloglovin', Twitter and add me on snapchat (@the_unservile), let's connect!

Oof. That was a long one. I'm one of those people that feel like social media is like an alternate universe.

What accessories do you think are urban inspired? 

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  1. I like your outfit. Those shoes����

  2. I LOVE LOVE your shoes and the the pink cap.
    You look great.


    1. Thanks! Even whilst wearing them, I look at my feet and admire these shoes. My current fave.

  3. I've been wanting to get hats for a while now! But I don't think they'll fit with my braids. Gotta try!

    1. Whaaaaaaat?! Of course they will. Baseball hats and hats in general look so cool with braids. You should totally try it.