DIY: How To Transform Your Blazer To a Vest (plus giveaway winner announcement)


Hi guys!

Guess who still has good vibes this month? I think this one of my happiest months this year.

So today's DIY is very basic.

Too basic to me but... I find it difficult to shoot DIYs while I'm in school but that's about to change though. So how about a compromise? During school session, more style posts, less DIYs and vice versa?

I had actually done this a while back but thought it was way too simple but then a reader said it wasn't (on Instagram) and since I had not shot my planned DIY... Here we are.

When I get tired of my clothes, I just switch them up by doing little things that add a different flair. Oh and just in case you were wondering what to do with all your unworn clothes, read this post.

You will need:

-Needle and thread
-A blazer/jacket

This DIY is basically two steps (over use of the word "basic", I know.)

All you have to do is cut and tack. Just cut the arm hole, leaving enough space for allowance (like the one above) and then tack it in using your needle and thread. The difficulty level depends on the fabric. Do not edit (for lack of a better word) the arm hole in any way- you might ruin the jacket.

Aaaaannnnd c'est fini!

Quick question guys, is it still considered a vest even though it has lapels? Fashion terms are so confusing. Since we're on the matter, I did a guest post on Wumi Tuase's blog, TANG, on fashion terms and how to pronounce some tricky terms. You can read it here.

New clothing article yo! I need to wear this in a style post. Also,I miss my red hair *sniffs*

Check out how I style the transformed vest here

So guys! That's it!

What do you think of basic DIYs? More?  Do you prefer the "before" or "after" look? Leave a comment I'd love to hear from you!

Ha ha. Got you! The lucky winner of the giveaway I did in collaboration with 7th Avenue is...

Congratulations @thesandrauche, we'll be contacting you.

By the way, to get a free September issue plus free shipping of FASHIZBLACK magazine, an Afro fashion and lifestyle magazine, click here.

Lastly, if you subscribed to my blog but still haven't received any updates, I've been having issues with my email service preovider for a while now. I had tried several ways to fix it and considered using my personal mail to send updates but that just wasn't working for me. I'll come up with something soon.

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  1. Yassssssssss! Thank youuuuuuu ❤❤

  2. DIY queen☺....I love it! Like a sleeveless jacket. Very well captured and easy to follow.
    Congratulations, Sandra Uche❤

  3. Biko I need to learn something from you. Do you stay in school hostel? Maybe now that we are in the same zones, It can make it easier.

    1. I stay around school. Mushin back gate, my house I'd a three minute walk.

  4. I love the transformation. Great DIY btw. Like Juni said.. Very well captured and easy to follow.
    Happiness is...

  5. When I saw this post, I was mentally thinking of any jacket I could transform. Couldn't think of any, but this is good to know! Love the mix of prints in the first look.
    5 Different Support Networks Everyone Should Have

    1. Thanks Kachee!

      You could this to a dress you'd prefer sleeveless or any shirt you'd prefer sleeveless too.

  6. I love this DIY but if I try it now, that's how I'll be spoiling clothes *sigh* it is well oo

    Beth fayemi's blog

    1. Take a leap of faith Moyin. You never know...

  7. To think i did this to an oversized jacket some months ago & I even blogged about it but errrr does it count as a DIY since I gave it to a tailor? LOOOL. I love the jacket cos it's polka dot and it looks really dope on that black shirt. Thanks for the guest post love.

    1. Lol! Nope! It counts as cheatiNg : D.

      You're welcome hunay

  8. That's very nice and easy! Unfortunately, I don't have any blazers I want to transform right now. But yours looks good!

    Berry Dakara Takes Olumo Rock