Life Adventures: In June


Happy New Month people!

Better late than never yes?

Most of June was spent waiting for results that never came and wishing desperately for some kind of vacation from school.

The main reason this post was delayed was because I had no idea what to write. I slipped into the "tired trance" thing again. I was mentally, physically and psychologically tired. Unlike last time, I recognized it for what it was and didn't take long in making a come back.

Frustration was also in the mix. I try and try to be efficient in all aspects of my life but somehow always feel like I'm in waaaaay over my head and that's very frustrating.

I used to be a very big fan of change but... I'm not so sure anymore. We make plans and before we can blink, the dynamic shifts and those plans crumble and we have to rebuild from scratch. It's a tiring cycle.

July is off to a good start though. Sort of. I just added to my workload and I'm terrified I'm going fail but I can't just not try. I'm more terrified of "what if's".

On to more fun things, my new love is Wattpad. How on earth did I miss this earlier? So many talented writers on there.

Musically speaking, Mike Posner's new album "At Night, alone" has been a favourite! His music changed so much. I love the album because it's honest and authentic.

The next blog posts are on our Frugal Fashion Series and a Photography post on transforming your photos with basic edits. What other posts would you like? I love reader requests.

Also, I'm sorry for how sappy this post is.

In June, I learnt that when I'm stressed, it's best to turn to forms of escape. Mine are books, writing, drawing and photography.

What did you learn about yourself recently?

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  1. Phew! Don't beat yourself up for not being efficient at everything. Do your best, and really really just leave what you can't do. Stay Happy!

  2. I've known about Wattpad for a while now, downloaded it and just left it there. I should start exploring it. I learnt that I can really do things if I put my mind to it.
    Beauty Hacks You Want To Know

    1. Cool lesson!

      When I first downloaded wattpad, I hardly used it. You just have to follow the right authors.

  3. I've had Wattpad since forever! Was kind of an addict when I first joined but i've calmed down a whole lot now. Maybe it's time to rekindle my love, no? Sending love your way dear. The great thing is you didn't stop trying! That is sooo brave! ☺

    1. Thanks Moji. I guess I could look at it as bravery.

      My love for wattpad might even be gone by next month, lol.

  4. Wattpad, Am going to check it out ASAP, really anticipating the frugal fashion post and I'll love you to blog about another easy DIY. Like the white shirt's