Frugal Fashion Series: How To Develop Successful Impulse Shopping Habits


It is often said that impulse buying is a bad habit. A really bad habit. I'm just going to come out straight and say I disagree. Some of my best clothing articles were bought impulsively with no regrets. I don't think a lot of people can say the same.

Think about it: You have been longing for an A-line striped skirt for a very long time. So one day, you walk past a pop up store and behold! There's an A-line Striped skirt! You walk up- not to buy it ofcourse, just to take a look. Guess what? It's exactly your size. You check the price- very affordable. This must be a sign.

Do you then walk away because you didn't plan to shop?

I think not.

The truth is; there's a method to successful impulse buying. I'm sure you're wondering " How can something that's impulsive have a method?" I assure you, this method is why some are successful and others are not in the business of impulse shopping.

So what's this method?

To be honest, I really couldn't come up with a cooler name. (MLB = Mira La Belle.)

1. Know your style
I can not stress this enough. To be sure you are buying the dress because you love it (and not because it's 90% off), you need to be sure of what you like. True, that varies a lot. You could, for instance, think you like the dress because your friend insists (rather vehemently) that you look exceptionally good in it.

You might think that now but in years to come? Probably not. If you're going to buy something impulsively (or otherwise), you need to ensure it will capture your interest for a while.

Does it? Yes? Move on to step two!

2. Match the item with the rest of your wardrobe
Now that you're sure you like it, you need to make sure it goes with the rest of your wardrobe. This doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be similar to the items in said wardrobe, but it must flow. You dont want to buy a dress and not be able to pair it with anyhting in your closet.

Does the item flow with your wardrobe? No?

Then you probably shouldn't buy it unless you plan to buy it as a gift to someone. Or you plan to change your whole wardrobe. Which leads us to...

3. Can you afford it?
This should probably have been the first question but there are sometimes you're just willing to take the risk and borrow from a friend because it's that important. The amount being borrowed should be such that you could eventually repay, you just can't afford it at the moment. We are Frugalistas after all.

If yes, move on to the next step. If no, move on anyway because sometimes, there are some clothing items you just have to have. Can I get a #WORD?

4. If you leave now, would you remember the item for a long time?
This is the most important question in my opinion. Nothing haunts us like the thing we didn't buy, I tell you. There might be a time you'll be putting an outfit together in your head then you'll find yourself think "*Sigh*, If I only I bought those shoes". You might think you'll probably find it again but it doesn't always work that way.

If said item will haunt you, it means it probably passed all the tests (apart from number 3 ofcourse). If not, drop it. You'll find something better.

Remember- the goal is to buy a clothing item you won't regret buying.

We're going to be discussing how to balance your wardrobe for maximum functionality and enjoyment. I know it sounds technical (and/or downright cheesy) but there's really no other way I can put it. Are you enjoying the series so far? Shoot questions through my email or the comments section.

What's one item you didn't buy that still haunts you?


Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. True talk honey, but sometimes my impulse buying can put me in trouble.I can like to use money that was given to me to buy soup to get any cloth I like. But if there's just that extra money and I see what I like and what fits into my wardrobe, I buy. I wouldn't allow that to pass me buy

    1. Exactly! But one has to be careful though.

  2. Impulse shopping = Gbese! Loool. Truth is, ive had my fair share and Yes some landed me in trouble but id do it over again lol.

    Valid points.

    1. Lol. I used to get one trouble at first. But I found my way eventually. Now, if don't impulsely buy stuff, I would never buy clothes because everytime I PLAN to go shopping, I never find much gold.

  3. I totally agree with you Ijenna. Most of my clothes that rescue me when I feel I don't have what to wear are prices that I bought out of impulse. Thanks for the great tips, would be considering them

    1. You're welcome Thonia. Nice to see you on here.

  4. Haha its really Gbese as grace said. Impulse busing is probably how I got most pieces I love today. So it definitely has more ups, the only down would be using money already budgeted for something else.
    Well yes things that haunt me; this morning I was reminded bout the pair of Jean I didn't perfect size...I remember that Jean everytime I'm bout to put on my Jean in the morning. Sad
    The list is long, and didn't get them majorly because no money on me when I saw them.
    Definitely like the mlb formula.

    1. Thanks Sogie!

      I remember so many clothing articles I wanted to buy but was to broke. This money thing Ehn.

  5. If I can't afford it at that point, I'll just *waka and pass*.

    1. That's why I rather likelike moving with friends. As long as it's something I could easily afford but don't have the money right then, I supplement ; )

  6. Impulse buying could be really interesting until my purse starts to complain. I've been hunted by more than enough clothing items.
    For Times When You Go From 100-0 And Can't Explain It

    1. I getchu mehn. I hardly go shopping. I keep all my money for the impulses, lol.

  7. hmm I can not even begin to stress the gold mine that is impulse buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every year when writing down my goals, the first is usually to stop impulse buying but...... well now that I have seen this post, I will gladly keep at it. I always style a piece in my head in about five different ways before buying so I have not regretted my impulse buys yet, although my pocket would disagree with that hahha

    1. Lol! My pockets kind of regret too but I console my self by thinking about how I would have spent the money on something else that didn't bring as much satisfaction and happiness. : D