DIY Faux Fro: How To Get The Curly Afro Look With African Relaxed Hair


So the Locs are out and it's back to the 'fro people!

A lot of you requested for a post on how I get my African relaxed hair to look curly and 'fro-like and as promised, here's the post. And just in case you're wondering, I  first coined the term "Faux Fro" in this post, ha ha.

I simply curled my hair. But since that's not elaborate enough, I'll take you through the process.

You will need:

- Big comb (to comb the whole hair)

- Tail comb (to part and comb little sections of hair)

- Small rollers

- Oil & cream (to lock in moisture)

First step is to comb, oil and cream your hair. After that, damp your hair slightly with water. Make sure it's not wet because we want this to dry overnight.

I roll my hair myself most times, so I part the hair messily. It doesn't matter. Comb each part carefully before you roll.

The size of the curls depends on how big your rollers are and how much hair you roll per roller. So for big curls, part bigger sections then roll and for small curls, part smaller sections then roll.

When you remove the rollers, pick the curls out with your tail comb then style.

End result.

My hair is in an asymmetrical cut right now so one part is longer than the other and that's how I achieved this look.

The bags under my eyes are Prada ;-)

So! Enjoy!

Got any tips? Questions? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I've always secretly wondered but now I know plus you make it look quite easy.

    1. It is quite easy isn't it?!

      Glad it's sorted out, would love to see your version Rosin : D

  2. Can I steal you and keep you so you can teach me all the cool stuff you know?
    Shifts, Prints 'n' Greens

  3. Ooh, love it! The definition of the curls are amazing.
    Lhurve Davies Blog

  4. Yes, you do make it look easy. Whats stopping you from having your big chop? We are waiting to hear all about it��.you let us know, bah?

    Beautifully June

    1. Nothing's stopping me o, I'm ready except that some people *coughs* my mum *coughs* think I should wait till my hair is a little longer so I agreed.

      I didn't think it was a big deal? I'll definitely tell y'all about it then : )

  5. DIY Princess, You really make it look so easy. It's fun look, thank you so much for sharing this. :-)