DIY: How to make a Cut-out Croptop From a Plain T-shirt


Hey people!

T-shirts are very versatile and there are sooooo many things that can be done with them. I have so many ideas and execution & time is kinda the problem. Anyway, look forward to more t-shirt DIYs.

Today's DIY is really quite simple (as are all my DIYs so far). All you need to do is cut. That's right people. This is a no-sew DIY.

I'm not one for plain fitted t-shirts so I decided to transform this one.

You will need:

- A t-shirt

- Scissors

- Tape rule

- Crayon/ Chalk/ Some thing to mark the area being cut-out

Before we go on, please choose the material of the t-shirt carefully. Let it be one that once cut, will not fray. Otherwise, you'll need to hem it which is quite simple but hey, I'm physically conservative so...

Step 1

Draw any pattern at all you want. I went for a rectangle in the middle and two polygon-like figures on the side. Be careful while drawing to leave allowance for the cutting.

Step 2

Cut the shapes out. That's really all you need to do. and...


You like?

You could try out different fun shapes, you could even cut-out the back.

Pin this picture pretty please!! Are you following me on Pinterest by the way?

What cut out shapes would you be trying?

Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.

P.S: If you try this DIY, send be a picture with any other details you'd like people to know and you'd be featured on this blog. My email:

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  1. I'm def trying this one!!! Love it. Maybe I'll try cutting stars...
    Wearing Epiphany29

  2. Aww.. I love this one, it's the easiest, I'll try it out too

    Beth fayemi's blog

  3. OMG! did you do that? I mean, how did you get to cut out those shapes so neatly and with a scissors

    Beautifully June
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    1. I think it's due to precise measurements, and probably experience with cutting things out? Ha Ha.

  4. Always so creative! I'll try this, and cutting out a love at d back too

  5. All hail the DIY queen.I tried something like this in camp for my carnival but it didn't look as nice as yours. Definitely going to try this one out. Love the transformation.

  6. This looks pretty easy and makes so much sense! Very well done. I feel like I have no DIY bone in me, but I just may try this out.
    4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

    1. Thanks Kachee!

      You probably do, don't give up yet : D

  7. Definitely trying this !

    1. Yay! If you do, (or hopefully when :D) please send a picture to me please I'd love to see your work

  8. Creative...and quite simple too.will definitely try this out

  9. Still can't get enough of your hair. . Especially useful to revamp old tshirts.
    Lhurve Davies Blog

    1. Thanks, Tolu.

      Some of my friends told me I had bed hair re: the curls. Weird right?

  10. This is really cool. I do this all the time. With an endless supply of tee shirts, I get bored easily so I try a lot of things with them. This one is nice too.

  11. I'm definitely going to try this.
    Nice smile too