What I Wore: Shirtdress | Blogger meet up


I love oversized things.
I thnk they suit my personality. How? I really don't know but I don't feel quite comfortable in "fitted" clothing or body con anything.

And this what I wore to the blogger meet up I hinted at here. I met up with Lydia and was sort of nervous at first but I think I hid it well. I seem to getting better at that lately. There is no shell left to break, so we just cover up the emotions.

Anyways, it fun. Not very creative (my fault but I don't go out much) and Deadpool is always a good idea. I had no idea it was PG18 though. Ha ha.

A random passer by took us these pictures and I have to say... not bad.

I totally look forward to meeting more blog buddies. If you're in, send me an email (ijennamirabelosuji@gmail.com) or DM me on Instagram @unservile_fashionist. Let's do this.

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I was excited when my dad gave me a shirt that was actually long enough to be a shirt. Those are really hard to find! It'll only a be dress for me though you know, vertically challenged and all.

On a completely unrelated note, who else gets offended at the term "Vertically challenged"? I'm short. Short is enough. No need for all the big big grammar, sheesh.

So! Today's post was supposed to be our first "crafty readers series" but since nobody sent any entries... Oh well. Hopefully, we'll get entries this month?


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  1. I love the outfit :D and the sandals...gimme!

  2. The shirt looks lovely on you...
    I like the sandals.

    (Let's get to connect)

  3. You don't look short. Actually love the outfit. i sometimes look funny in oversized clothing.

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  4. I love the outfit. I love oversized clothing,I'm always raiding my mum's closet looking for an oversized shirt or blouse.
    P.s Your dad is really tall though

    1. Thanks!

      I know, right. Both my parents are tall. I just had to get grandma's genes.

  5. Hi Ijenna,

    You look cute, I too prefer clothes with "feeding allowance", there's something chic about a well-cut roomy, blousy silhouette.

    Lol @ Vertically challenged, some of these fancy terms that are designed not to offend. I agree with you, no need for big grammar, "Short" is an adjective that simply describes the extent of one's height and is not an insult.

    I wonder how Horizontally challenged might be interpreted? :-)

    1. Hi Nedoux!

      Feeding Allowance!! Hahahahahaha! You have a way with words!

      Exactly my thoughts! No one sees "tall" as an insult though they're both facts.

      Vertically challenged could be interpreted as fat or skinny lol! I sincerely wonder what the precise "standard" is?

  6. Love ,love the shirt dress...well done ij...


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.