What I Wore: Shabby-Chic | Tales of Self-expression


There is just this feeling, this freedom, from pure, unadulterated self-expression.

Back in the day, I loved dresses. I still do. But I was never one for pretty dresses (even though I had an unusual bow obsession). But I did want to be pretty.

Now, you may be wondering... "pretty"?!!! REALLY?!! 

Well, it's not so far fetched for a girl coming into her own. 

Back to longing to be called pretty. Actually, not longing to be "called". Some told me. I guess their opinions didn't count because what I wanted was to feel pretty 

Because pretty people seemed to have it all together, seemed like they fit in just right into the world (which I had a feeling was never going to happen). Most of all, pretty people were liked. I remember this as all I really wanted. To like, be liked, and fit in.

So I started trying to look pretty and failed ridiculously at that. It was never quite my style.

One day, I realized the problem was thus: if I didn't present my true self to the world, how did I expect people to like the non-existent me?

That was my moment. The moment I broke out of my shell, the moment I decided to be me. And most probably the moment I developed what people term the "I don't care" attitude. I did care about a lot of things, I just wasn't obsessed with people liking me or fitting in anymore. I had decided to just... Be.

The transformation didn't happened immediately but very slowly.

One day, I decided I didn't like body-con dresses and perfect make up. I felt it wasn't a true representation of me. The next, I realized how much I loved maxi skirts and should probably stock up on that. Oversized shirts came in next naturally, and the story goes on.

I'm fine with me now. Still not quite fitting in but fitting in way better because the expression of my true self brought like-people apparently. If it didn't, it at least a gave people an idea of who I was so they knew how to relate with me.

That's the thing about self-expression and style. Style gives a glimpse of your personality before you have a chance to make other impressions.

Whilst I realize this outfit probably makes a not-so-impressive impression, it is unapologetically me. And no, I don't dress this way for occasions. It's my one exception.

I've learnt it's best to dress like your true self (if that's what you want the world to see ofcourse).

It's been a while, I'm truly sorry.

-The dress was thrifted at 300naira. Can I get a #frugalista high five?

-The shoes were gotten at Yaba for 1000naira

-The scarf was a gift from my aunt, worn here for the first time.

Can you name three elements that represent your true, unapologetic style?

Mine are Oversized shirts, prints & patterns, and Maxi skirts. I'd love to know yours.


Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. This post is everything. I can relate with every word you typed. Oversized clothing, ripped jeans and sneakers (3 elements that describe my unapologetic style).Btw, love your jelly sandals, I still can't decide if I love the colour or the way you rocked it to life. Either way I love both.

    1. Thank you Praise!

      I used to love sneakers too then I moved on to gladiators. Now? I have no idea.

  2. Frugalista high five girl! my 3 elements has to be - oversized everything, short dresses and weird shoes.
    I love the fact that you know better now.. growing up- I wanted so much attention, wanted to be flawless so bad. That i let go of the queen in me.
    Happy for your growth and self love.

    1. Yes, that longing to be "flawless" was real!

      Weird shoes. I like :D

  3. your so true to yourself. love jellies also, buh can't seem to find nice ones like yours around my abode.

    1. Thank you!

      Really? Thought they were quite common. I think you should try big markets like Balogun, Ketu and Yaba.

  4. I love the slouchy look of the outfit and coincidentally, I just did a post on oversized vintage shirt, jeans and sneakers on my blog. lol



    1. Thanks Dami! Glad your back in the blogosphere <3

  5. This was a great post Hun, I would do the same thing... I would spend the last day with my family. You look great. Let's connect on Instagram if we haven't yet.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Nothing beats being confident in your uniqueness and style. I love the outfit. So simple and comfy.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I used to try to fit in so much when I was is secondary school. I was insecure about my body. But I've gradually learnt to love myself.
    Three items that could describe my style are:
    Jeans, tshirts, sandals.

    Beautiful Onyinye

    1. That secondary school thing ehn!

      I'm glad eventually learnt self-acceptance.

  10. Ohh Ijenna. How you just made me smile with this post. On my thoughts on style, check my link below *wink*

    Personal Style - Wearing Thehdhqv

    1. Ha Ha, Good! Because I think almost all your posts make me smile : )

  11. Tonight I feel like I connected with a kindred spirit just reading several of your posts.

    Unapologetically me: Oversized shirts, prints and patterns and midi skirts. 👍❤

  12. Love this dress. Super cute look.x


  13. Colorful pencil skirts, Sneakers and good old boy Boots(for lack of the right name!) are my thing! Let's not forget dresses... But you said three so let's not be greedy!!