What I Wore: Print Clash |The Art of Self-depreciation


It takes a certain mind-set, I have discovered, to laugh at oneself.
Self deprecation usually involves expressing disapproval or being critical of oneself, especially modestly or humorously.
Not every one can look at themselves critically and say *George Clooney's solemn face* "These are my faults". But seriously though. It takes courage to accept that you are less than perfect.
If there's one thing I know, it's if you can laugh at yourself first so that when other people laugh at you, you'd probably laugh with them instead of getting hurt.
So you're probably wondering.. "Why??" "Why self-depreciation?" Well, I just though I'd share a life lesson I had learnt very early in life.
Now, to the outfit!

Print mixing is a very simple way to make your outfit look more like you put more effort.

That's not why I do it though. I mix prints most time because most of my clothes are prints and patterns and it's just easier to pair them up.

I'm also a huge fan of rocking dresses as skirts. I have worn this dress here, here, here (my first outfit post *promptly face palms*) and here with the shoes  for my first ever post, an introduction *completely covers face*. The dress is certainly a favourite.
So that's the phone I use to take most of my Instagram pictures. For some strange reason I certainly don't remember, it was used as a prop in these photos.

Since this is the month of the Frugal Fashion Series, I'll share some frugal facts.
1. The shirt was gotten at Ketu market for 250naira (approximately $1. For now anyway)
2. The shoes were 1,200naira, gotten in Cotonou, Benin Rebuplic. This might not seem a big deal for some bad guy thrifters but I usually get my shoes from 2,500naira upwards.
3. Necklace was made by me. Because I <3 DIY
4. The glasses cost 400naira. They're probably not so original but I don't buy the original ones anymore. I'm usually so careless with glasses I end up scratching them so I stick with these kind.
The dress was a gift so it's not included in this list.

We're just going to ignore how my bun looks like a rabbit's tail.

This seems to happen Every. Single. Time. Apparently, I need some twirling lessons : (
Lastly, use the hastag #Frugalista and show me your Frugal Fashion Style on Instagram, can't wait to meet likeminded frugalistas!
Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!
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  1. Today for me was 'Making self happy day'. Lol @why oh why. I thought I was the only one who bent her leg. Cute outfit.

    Double Dose Of Olive Goodness

    1. Ha Ha! Nice to finally find a fellow leg-bender : )

  2. Hahaha @rabbit tail! I love how original you are, I got so much love for you right now. Beautiful styling.

    BeautifullyJune Blog 

  3. Stunning post! The photos are amazing.


  4. I learnt to laugh at myself a long time ago, so there's nothing anyone can say I don't already know.
    Love the print clash, beautiful. The shoes are totally worth it

    1. I know right? Been rocking them steady!

      Thank you Sogie :)

  5. Love your outfit, all the pretty shades of blue. xx

  6. Lol! It actually looks like rabbit tail and no, I don't feel like ignoring it. :p