Life Adventures: In March


I'm thinking of calling this something entirely different because I have no adventures. I guess I called it "Life Adventures" in faith, hoping that it would motivate me to lead a more adventurous life. But I was wrong.

This is my life and that's the way it is but could me leading an unadventurous life  and really enjoying it be called my peculiar adventure? "The unadventurous adventure series". Ha Ha. 

I'd like to think so. So let's get personal.


On discovering the pleasure of one's company:

I've always been a loner by choice. But the thing is, after making epic friends, I found that it was difficult to go back to my peaceful existence because...

This month, I have enjoyed hanging out with myself and my own company. My friends are as cool as ever but sometimes, one just needs to be by oneself and reflect.

On living everyday like its your last:

You know when people ask you "what would you do if today was your last?"

I usually mutter something along the lines of doing everything I always wanted to do. This month, I came up with a different answer...

"I'd treasure every moment I'm alive, do one thing that makes me happy and spend the rest of the day with my family."

Honestly, it'll take a longer time to do the things I would want to. No really, I'd like to explore Europe and how long will that take?

It's a weird thing to ponder but why not live everyday like its your last? Like treasuring every moment and finding the fun or joy in every situation.



-100 ways to a stress-free life.

Weird I know but this book contains stupidly simple solutions to supposedly complex situations. I really like how every chapter ends with "Why make yourself crazy?" That was my mum's mantra for more than a year after reading the book.

-How to study by Harry Maddox

OK, this is not some ridiculous self-help book about believing you can do it and cleansing the mind and so on. This book offers really helpful tips on time management, study skills and research that'll help to improve your work ethic.

So why did I read this book? I really needed help and I can not lie. I was becoming overwhelmed and the fear of failure was already kicking in.


Ha Ha. I haven't been keeping up. I would be hanging out with people and they would mention some random musician and I'm like "huh?"

It's by choice though. I can't stand most musicians these days. Their lyrics make my ears burn. Most people don't even pay attention to the lyrics sef.

Any recommendations?


I don't know about y'all but ice cream is still king. I know, I know, my tastes are supposed to be mature and so on. I really like "Cold stone" though. Any time I take their chocolate flavoured ice cream, I talk about their ice-cream for weeks so I rarely indulge, lol.

I hardly have fun these days. I do have fun but not in the expected ways like going out and stuff.

 For instance, I have discovered my love for Lagos, and just a ride back home is fun. I observe the little details and these make me smile. Lagos is stressful but it is home. (My people in the village must not hear me, an Igbo girl, calling Lagos home o).

What did you undertake in March? 

P.S: The frugal fashion series is still on, I'm very sorry for my inconsistency. I almost even forgot to put this up. Didn't realize today was 30th until this morning.

The flatlay how-to post is going up next month, I'm still taking the pictures for the post.

P.P.S: I was featured on Sasha Frank, where I talked about defining beauty, things I would tell younger girls just coming into their own and overcoming insecurities. You can read it here

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  1. hahaha this was so intersting to read. I defo need to get my hands on that stress-free life book lol!




  2. Your life sounds fun. Teach me the way sensei. I really need to get those books.

    1. Fun? Really? As unadventurous as it sounds? That's interesting.

    2. At least you have Coldstone *sad face* unlike here in Ilorin.

  3. I enjoyed reading this.I love the pictures too.I need to check out those books

  4. You're quite intriguing. You should cop Zayn Malik's new album "Mind of Mine". Thank me later.

  5. I love adventure oh.. The bulk of my books are adventurous ones but I've engaged in anything adventurous personally. Bucket list things.. Yes, ice-cream is bae.

  6. MUSIC recommendation - All we need(the album) by Raury