DIY: How to Make a Vintage Inspired Time-Piece Necklace


Hey guys!

This is probably going to be the only DIY this month because it's the only one I've been able to finsh but next month, you'll be getting about two DIYs.

So this is a really simple DIY. Yes, all my DIYs are simple but I think this is by far the simplest.

DIY is all about creativity, about thinking outside the box. At least this one is.

I remember those classic old movies where the gentleman in the top hat would so gallantly check his timepiece. Granted it wasn't exactly a necklace but it wasn't a wrist watch either.

That was my inspiration for this. I saw the colour of the necklace and how it matched the vintage-y look of the watch and thought "Why not?

You will need:
A necklace and watch that match. You could easily get a similar watch here.

The best part about this? You also get a "new" bracelet and if you get bored, you could always make the bracelet a watch again.

Remove the wristwatch very carefully from the bracelet then slide the necklace through one end of the wristwatch. Make sure the watch is facing a direction with which you could easily tell time and...

Now, rock your fab vintage timepiece like that funky person that you are!

Double-timer (As seen on my instagram, @unservile_fashionist) I still wear my wristwatch while wearing the necklace. Why? Because I can (*insert emoji with smug look and badass sunglasses*)

P.S: If you try this DIY, I'd love to see your work! Shoot me an email ( or use the hashtag #miralabelleDIY and tag me (@unservile_fashionist) on Instagram.

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  1. Love your creativity !

  2. Girl you so creative, I'm jealous. I'm sure I've asked you before but what app do you use to edit you pictures and write on em.

    1. Thank you Sogie! I use (not Paint)

  3. Our DIY queen. Osheyyy, nice one!

  4. very creative! DIY queen! the diy i learnt from you coming soon on my blog!

  5. Is it not you. DIY queen.well done.
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  6. I must try this....creative mama

    1. Yay! Don't forget to send the pictures to me. :D

  7. Very creative,i look forward to trying it soon.

  8. Finally!i have had this blog open on my tab for the whole weekend. i was too busy for my blog people! now i can create small time! this was a lovely post and i like that the watch and the bracelet match! i should give this a go!